Human Resource Development

  • *Trainee targets: Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.)

Position-Specific Training Programs

Training for Graduates

Entry-level employees undergo training for approximately one month. They learn about our company history and philosophy and gaining an overall understanding of our organization, business operations, and compliance. They visit our plants and R&D center, known as “the WAVE.” In addition, they get to experience working as staff at the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM in Yokohama City, Kanagawa. We conduct cookery training for employees assigned to the R&D center or plants to learn the basics of food preparation and cooking as well as job-specific education, such as PC skills training, for other employees. In addition, we conduct one-month basic developer training for employees assigned to R&D departments.

Second- and Third-Year Training

We provide joint training for employees in their second and third years to ascertain and resolve issues at their workplaces and promote their career growth. By holding joint training, we provide an opportunity for second-year employees to learn from the experiences of older colleagues and for third-year employees to develop awareness of their role as senior colleagues and build a foundation for becoming educational leaders.

Job-Specific Training

We provide training adapted to the work content of employees assigned to sales departments, the R&D center, and plants.

New Manager Training and Beat Brain Training

We conduct group training and training using e-learning for newly appointed managers in their first and second years. In their first year, new managers learn the basics of management skills necessary for leaders who have subordinates, and in their second year, they acquire through case studies basic skills for demonstrating more powerful leadership.

Desert Island Training

Desert island training is a program designed to build mental and physical toughness in newly appointed managers. By building shelters, lighting a fire, and finding food in an environment with limited resources, participants develop the strength to face and overcome difficulties without giving up. The participants come to realize the importance of food and nurture their creativity, judgment, and leadership through team problem solving. In fiscal 2018, 33 newly appointed managers around age 40, including 6 women and 10 non-Japanese nationals, participated in the training on an uninhabited island in the Seto Inland Sea in Kagawa Prefecture. This was the first time non-Japanese managers participated, and the training provided an opportunity for them to cultivate leadership required globally through survival training in a foreign land together with employees of various nationalities.

Life-Planning Seminars

We hold life-planning seminars for employees age in their fifties, who play a key role in their organizations, to think about their future life plans. Participants look back on their experience, organizational roles, and personal strengths and are given information for use in preparing for economic career independence and information on life and money planning.

Training Programs for All Employees

Support for Self-Improvement and Obtaining Qualifications

We offer more than 200 correspondence education courses. We also fund half the tuition fees of exam preparation courses for employees taking examinations to obtain qualifications for the purpose of self-improvement. In fiscal 2018, we added online English conversation courses. There are two types of courses—a course for employees on overseas assignment and employees who require English for work and a course for employees looking to improve themselves—and we assist with tuition fees. In fiscal 2018, a total of about 80 employees took the courses.

In addition, we assist with the cost when employees obtain advanced qualifications required by their companies.

Education about the Founder’s Philosophy

To instill in employees the shared values and code of conduct of members of the NISSIN FOODS Group, we regularly provide training to learn about the philosophy of the founder, Momofuku Ando, in Japan and overseas.

Selective Trainee Programs

Overseas Trainee Program

This is a program for nurturing people with a global management perspective in which young employees selected through open recruitment are dispatched to overseas business sites on one-year assignments. In fiscal 2018, 13 employees applied, 6 of whom were dispatched to the U.S., India, Thailand, and other countries.

Marketing Trainee Program

We have set up this trainee program for young employees selected through open recruitment to undergo training in the Marketing Division for one year. In fiscal 2018, 14 persons applied, 5 of whom were accepted and participated in the program.

In-House University: Global SAMURAI Academy

This program was established as an in-house university to train core management personnel at all levels from junior employees through to executives. Participants study a variety of subjects, including management skills, logical thinking, foreign languages, cross-cultural understanding, and liberal arts as they advance through the five levels below. We systematically nurture and develop the abilities of Academy graduates on a long-term basis by providing opportunities for discussing their future career plans.

  • “Young Warrior” for junior employees through to mid-level employees
  • “Samurai” for team managers through to section managers
  • “Robust Manager” for people at the assistant manager and divisional manager levels preparing for a future role in top management
  • “Executive” for current management executives
  • “Catalyst” for women with leadership potential

Training for Executives of Overseas Operating Companies

To nurture and develop management leaders at the overseas operating companies, in fiscal 2018 we newly conducted training for executives selected from these companies. Eight executives from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, mainland China, Hong Kong, and India participated in the training. They studied the founder’s philosophy and Group Philosophy and visited the R&D center in Japan, the birthplace of NISSIN FOODS. MYOJO FOODS requires sales and marketing employees to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification test and assists with the costs associated with taking the test.