Fair Evaluation

Evaluation Methods

We conduct employee evaluations twice a year with the aim of ensuring fair performance evaluation methods. Line managers and directors in charge conduct evaluations of line employees. Managers are evaluated on skills required of business managers, with additional multifaceted evaluation conducted by subordinates, colleagues, and other stakeholders of their divisions and departments

Promotion of Employees

We actively promote talented people regardless of age. Employees who demonstrate ability and performance, and are judged to have the qualification needed for senior positions can be promoted early so that young leaders can be developed more efficiently. We have also instituted an open internal job posting system that enables employees to apply for positions they desire. In fiscal 2018, 46 employees were assigned to their desired positions through the job posting system.

Employee Awards

The NISSIN CREATORS AWARD is presented to employees in recognition of meritorious service and contributions to the improvement of the Group’s brand value. Notable inventions and innovations, or who have shown originality through new ideas or innovative process improvements are eligible for these awards. We newly established the Small Successes Awards in fiscal 2018 to recognize small, day-to-day initiatives and successes, bringing the total number of award programs to five. There were 277 applications, a 231% increase year on year, and awards were conferred following a judging process. Another awards program is the NISSIN DIVERSITY AWARDS, a program that recognizes leaders and teams who promote diversity.