Soliciting Employee Opinions

Employee Interview

In accordance with employees’ position and role in the company, the Group provides opportunities for meetings with the President and Executive Vice President or individual interviews with the HR Division.

Every year we create opportunities for management executives to meet with the President and Executive Vice President. These meetings are valuable opportunities for the President and Executive Vice President to listen to employees’ voices, which helps business management, and for management executives to inquire directly about management strategies and policies and seek advice about their mission and responsibilities at work.

The HR Division conducts individual interviews with all employees in up to their third year of service and employees who request interviews. The interviews serve as an opportunity for employees and the HR Division to share employee wishes concerning job assignments and suggestions to the company

Employee Attitude Survey

We conduct an attitude survey of Group employees in Japan each year. The questionnaire includes questions on satisfaction with the company, communication within departments, and the presence or absence of power harassment by managers. The survey findings and employee opinions are shared with top management and department managers for use in improving working conditions. In the fiscal 2018 employee attitude survey, 77% of employees indicated that they “Feel job satisfaction” in their current work (75% in fiscal 2016 and 77% in fiscal 2017).