Realizing Efficient, Highly Productive Work

Outstanding human resources are essential for the growth of a company. The NISSIN FOODS Group is developing an environment and systems to enable employees to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

Overtime Reduction Measures and Flexible Work Arrangements

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS instituted the Smart Work 2000 project in fiscal 2018 as a part of work style reform. The project target is to reduce total annual working hours to less than 2,000 hours.

Prior to the start of the project in fiscal 2019, the companies conducted a trial run from September 2017 to March 2018. We designed programs and systems to improve employee work productivity and attain work-life balance, and set concrete targets aligned with the Smart Work 2000 target of less than 2,000 working hours. We changed the previous flextime system to a flextime system with no compulsory working hours and expanded application of the work-at-home program and half-day paid leave system to additional departments. To encourage employees to adopt efficient work styles, outside instructors conducted two seminars on overtime reduction and productivity improvement. We paid cash bonuses to employees of departments that achieved their department-specific targets as motivation to achieve targets. Furthermore, we initiated a social contribution project to make donations to provide school meals in developing countries.

Smart Work 2000: Total Annual Working Hours of Less than 2,000 Hours
Programs and Systems Shortening
  • Shortening of regular working hours through extension of the lunch break by 15 minutes
  • Flex-time system with no compulsory working hours
  • Work-at-home program
  • Program to pay cash bonuses to departments that have achieved their targets for reducing overtime and promoting taking of paid leave (excluding production departments)

Office Environment

In implementing Smart Work 2000, we introduced the Activity Based Working (ABW)* concept and aimed to create offices where employees can work efficiently and a workplace environment where ideas emerge.

Since many employees requested fewer meetings and a shift to paperless procedures, we established Five Rules for NISSIN Meetings as shared rules for shortening meeting times and curtailing waste of paper. Also, to ensure that new ideas are born in a free and flexible workplace environment, in January 2018 we started a casual day. In March 2018, we introduced the following new programs and spaces at the Tokyo head office.

  • Introduction of a free address system
  • Preparation of places where individuals can focus on work
  • Preparation of several huddle spaces to facilitate conversation
  • Preparation of nap areas
  • *A work style that allows workers to select working hours and workplaces according to their tasks or moods

Streamlining Workflow with Technology

Receipt of the Comprehensive Information Technology Award

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS received the Comprehensive Information Technology Award, the highest award in the 35th Information Technology Awards 2017 (organizer: Japan Institute of Information Technology), as a company that has achieved results in management innovation utilizing IT. The award was conferred in recognition of the reduction of over 70% of the 180 business systems used by individual departments by carefully examining and eliminating unnecessary systems, and elimination of the 40-year old mainframe used by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS from internal computer rooms. These measures resulted in not only a significant reduction in operating expenses but also in reducing staff overtime, the creation of an environment that facilitates taking of paid leave, and boosting employee work efficiency.

Joint Development of a Suica Expense Settlement Service with JR-EAST

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS and East Japan Railway Company collaborated in 2011 on the development of an expense settlement service that utilizes Suica prepaid money card-use history data to automatically input information on train and bus fares and merchandise purchased using the Suica system into an expense settlement system. Use of the service has increased the efficiency of inputting expenses by employees and expense settlement checking procedures in accounting departments and is contributing to work style reform.

Making Work More Pleasant

As a result of such measures, 80% of all departments achieved their targets in the second half of FY2018. In Smart Work 2000 efforts in fiscal 2019, we will further promote overtime reduction and taking of paid leave. We conduct an attitude survey covering Group employees in Japan once a year and will utilize the findings of the fiscal 2019 survey to verify the results of Smart Work 2000 and improve our work style reform initiatives.