Environmentally-Friendly Products

Sale of Refill Products

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS sells refill products. These products, designed to be eaten from mugs, enable reduction of the amount of trash generated with each meal. As of May 2018, the company sells three CUP NOODLE items, one Chicken Ramen item, and two Nissin-no-donbei items.

Use of Materials with Low Environmental Impact

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS uses paper for all vertical-format containers, including CUP NOODLE containers (the ECO cup). Use of the ECO cup is spreading at the Group’s overseas operating companies.

Sale of Long Shelf-Life Products

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS sells two products with a shelf life of three years in limited quantities. Placing an oxygen absorber in a can to remove oxygen and then suppressing moisture enables extension of the best-before date beyond that of ordinary instant noodles. Since the products have a long shelf life, they are suitable for use as emergency supplies.