Environmental Education for Employees

The NISSIN FOODS Group raises employee environmental awareness by encouraging employees to obtain environment-related qualifications and arranging opportunities for employees to get in touch with nature (see “Biodiversity Conservation” below).

Business sites that have obtained ISO 14001 certification provide education for internal auditors and department specific and level-specific education.

As a Medium-Term Environmental Target for FY2021, 100% of environmental managers must pass the Eco Test or acquire an alternative qualification, such as the Environmental Planner certification. In fiscal 2018, five persons newly obtained qualification, and the percentage of environmental managers subject to the target who have obtained qualification reached 41.7%.

From fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2018, the Group has been encouraging Group employees age 40 or above to obtain a certification as nature experience activity leaders (NEAL)*. Participants obtained the certification by attending a variety of courses. From the start of the project until the end of fiscal 2018, a total of 193 employees obtained the NEAL certification.

  • *A qualification certified by the National Institution for Youth Education