Water Saving Programs

The production plants are working to reduce water usage. They are reducing the use of water necessary for manufacturing processes and striving to reuse water used for cooling in manufacturing processes and for other purposes for equipment washing.

The NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS Shizuoka Plant has reduced annual water usage by 87 tons by replacing the equipment it used for removing frozen food products from molds and changing its cleaning methods. The NISSIN YORK Kanto New Plant, completed in May 2017, is reducing water usage by approximately 15 tons per day by recovering drainage water (high-temperature water whose heating function is complete) generated from steam, used in sterilization and other processes, and reusing it as boiler water. The plant has also reduced water usage by 9,931 tons per month by recovering water used for product liquid cooling and using it to wash equipment. The NISSIN FOODS DO BRAZIL Gloria do Goita Plant has been reusing plant wastewater for outdoor cleaning and lawn watering since October 2017, reducing daily water usage by four tons.


Reducing Household Wastewater at NISSIN CHILLED FOODS

NISSIN CHILLED FOODS sells home-use noodle products that do not entail disposal of hot water after boiling the noodles. Soup is made using the hot water by simply adding liquid seasoning. These products were made possible through the use of the company’s original fresh noodles that do not compromise the flavor of the soup.