Compliance System

In accordance with the NISSIN FOODS Group Compliance Regulations, we assign a manager in charge of compliance in each main division of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS and each Group company and hold quarterly meetings of the Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the COO. The Committee members share reports on the nature and number of inquiries to the internal whistleblowing contact points, case examples of problems, and measures to prevent their reoccurrence. The managers in charge of compliance work to increase employee compliance awareness, share the details of reports at Committee meetings with their companies and departments, and hold compliance study meetings. They are also responsible for investigating and reporting suspected violations.

Compliance Education

We have incorporated compliance content into various training programs, including training for graduates and newly appointed managers. We also distribute to all employees working at NISSIN FOODS Group companies in Japan the Compliance Book, a pamphlet containing case studies on laws and ordinances and social norms to be observed.

Compliance Book Case Examples
  • Sexual harassment
  • Power harassment
  • Appropriate information management
  • Guidance for preventing overwork
  • Appropriate use of SNS
  • Prohibition of unpaid overtime
  • Insider trading
  • Proper accounting procedures
  • Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act and Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors
  • Collusion with business partners (prohibition of the provision or receipt of gifts or entertainment that exceed social norms)

Internal Whistleblowing Contact Points

In accordance with the NISSIN FOODS Group Rules on Internal Whistleblowing, we have set up a whistleblower system that enables reporting and consultation on matters such as violations of work-related laws and regulations. We have prepared three internal whistleblowing contact points to make it easy for employees to seek consultation. Anonymous consultation is possible using any of the contacts, and disadvantaged treatment of whistleblowers is prohibited.

To publicize the internal contacts points , we distribute to all Group employees in Japan a Compliance Card containing the contact information in business card size.

Compliance Structure

Internal Whistleblowing Contact Points

  • Contact point to the Compliance Group, Legal Affairs Department, NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS
  • Contact point to a fulltime Audit & Supervisory Board member
  • Contact point to an attorney
  • Note: Concerns can be reported in person or by telephone, e-mail, or post.

Ensuring Fair Trading

We provide education to employees on the following matters in the NISSIN FOODS Group’s Ethics Regulations through training, distribution of the Compliance Book, and other means.
All Group officers and employees shall:

  • build fair, just, and transparent relationships with business partners and strive for business dealings in compliance with laws and regulations and fair business practices.
  • strive to disclose corporate information and shall refrain from acts that constitute insider trading and the provision of benefits or advantages to third parties using undisclosed information.
  • strictly manage information that constitutes trade secrets and refrain from disclosing or leaking it to outside parties whether during employment or after retirement.
  • refrain from using a superior bargaining position to cause undue losses to business partners, and
  • refrain from using a professional position to receive personal benefits or advantages from business partners.

Rejection of Unreasonable Demands from Antisocial Forces

In the course of carrying out corporate activities, the NISSIN FOODS Group has a policy of severing any relations with antisocial forces or organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society. We clearly express this policy in the code of conduct in the NISSIN FOODS Group’s Ethics Regulations and thoroughly familiarize employees with it. Also, the General Affairs Division handles antisocial forces, plays a key role in continuously gathering information from government bodies and outside specialized organizations, developing a system which will be able to address unexpected situations with prompt cooperation.

Strengthening of Information Security

The NISSIN FOODS Group has set up the Information Security Committee, chaired by the COO, and appropriately protects and manages information. We appropriately handle and rigorously manage personal information in our possession in conformance with the NISSIN FOODS Group Personal Information Protection Regulations.