With Our Business Partners

The NISSIN FOODS Group is working to build fair, equitable and transparent relationships with the suppliers of raw materials and its business partners, including outsourcing contractors, and to conduct transactions in accordance with laws, regulations and fair business practices based on the code of conduct in the NISSIN FOODS Group Compliance Rules. When selecting business partners, the Group reviews Japanese and foreign companies by fairly comparing their quality control, safety and prices, taking into account their management, reliability, technical capabilities and track records, among other factors.

To deliver safe products to customers, it is essential to keep our relationships with our business partners friendly and sound. Accordingly, we strictly prohibit ourselves from using our trading advantage to cause an unreasonable loss to our business partners and from taking advantage of our position in the course of duties to obtain personal gain or to receive bribes. In addition, to prevent information leakage, we ensure the security of confidential information provided by our business partners.