Communication with Customers

Sharing of Customer Opinions among Group Companies

In September 2017, NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS instituted the Voluntary Declaration of Consumer Orientation.

Voluntary Declaration of Consumer Orientation

Customer Response System “VOICE”

Opinions and comments from customers received at the customer support centers of six NISSIN FOODS Group companies (NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, MYOJO FOODS, NISSIN CISCO, and NISSIN YORK) are collected and analyzed at the Customer Communication Center (CCC), and the results are promptly fed back to management and the appropriate departments. Collected customer feedback is compiled in the customer support database named VOICE, then applied to improve products and services, and utilized groupwide for customer satisfaction improvement. Since 2009, the CCC has held the twice-monthly VOC (Voice of Customer) Meetings where NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS summarize and share customer feedback, make improvement proposals, and confirm progress of improvements. In fiscal 2017, improvements were made in 49 matters from these improvement proposals. MYOJO FOODS, NISSIN CISCO, and NISSIN YORK hold quality improvement meetings pertaining to production and other business processes.

Examples of Improvements from Customer Perspectives

Placement of the CUP NOODLES fork between lids - NISSIN FOODS (CHINA)

Since many people in China have meals outdoors, NISSIN FOODS (CHINA) includes a plastic fork in CUP NOODLES cups. However, since customers pointed out that powdered soup and other ingredients adhered to the forks, the Company made an improvement to prevent the fork from coming into contact with the product contents by putting an inner lid between them and the outer lid and inserting the fork between the lids.

Examples of Improvements from Customer Perspectives

CUP NOODLES Nice, rich in flavor but chock-full of nice factors - NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS

In April 2017, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS launched CUP NOODLES Nice, a product targeting men in their 30s and 40s, people with rising risk of metabolic syndrome. Two flavours are available, Rich! Pork Shouyu and Rich! Creamy Seafood. The product has a richer flavor than regular CUP NOODLES but with 50% less fat, 40% less carbohydrates, and 178 calories. It is made with newly developed non-fried noodles and contains the dietary fiber of four heads of lettuce.* *According to Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (2015), in which a 300g edible portion of lettuce is considered one head and the dietary fiber in 100g is considered 1.1g.

Launch of no added MSG CUP NOODLES - NISSIN FOODS (U.S.A.)

In response to increasing natural food trends and health consciousness in the U.S., in September 2016, NISSIN FOODS (U.S.A.) launched CUP NOODLES with less sodium and no added MSG. The company also removed artificial flavoring and changed to naturally derived flavoring ingredients such as lemon, paprika, lime, and turmeric.