Human Resources

To create food that customers enjoy while also fulfilling our responsibility as a company in the food business, the NISSIN FOODS Group is developing mechanisms that foster the creativity in each employee and empower each individual to work autonomously. We respect the diversity of individuals and strive to create workplace environments where employees can fully demonstrate their capabilities and motivation. In addition, to achieve further progress as a global company, we focus on developing people who can succeed in the global business arena.

A Workplace Environment where People from Diverse Backgrounds can Work Autonomously

Fair employment practices that reflect respect for human rights

Fair Hiring Practices Respecting Human Rights

All hiring is carried out fairly in accordance with our recruitment manual. In addition to respect for fundamental human rights, we also ensure that hiring is carried out without any advantage or disadvantage on the basis of nationality, gender, race, marital status, or other attributes. After recruitment, all employees are treated fairly and without discrimination in relation to promotion and advancement.

More Active Roles for Women

The NISSIN FOODS Group is participating in the Japan Business Federation’s voluntary action plan for the promotion of women to managerial and board positions. We established a Diversity Committee in 2015 as part of our initiatives to create working environments that better enable women to contribute and succeed. We have also introduced various training programs designed specifically for women.

Promotion of diversity

Employment for People with Disabilities

The NISSIN FOODS Group is working to increase employment of people with disabilities and create amenable working environments for them. Currently, the NISSIN FOODS Group in Japan, including a special subsidiary*1 , employs 73*2 people with disabilities. In 2013, we established a special subsidiary, NISSIN BUSINESS SUPPORT PLUS to facilitate employment for people with disabilities. Now, that company employs 34 people*2 in tasks that include building maintenance, office support, and cleaning. In April 2018, it will become mandatory to employ people with mental disabilities. In preparation for that change, we are establishing a model case by accepting trainees in collaboration with hospitals, while receiving support to help people settle into their new roles.

  • *2As of March 31, 2017.

Human Resource Development

Global Challenge Path Program for Young Employees

This system was established to help young employees to succeed when working overseas and encourage them to take up global challenges. For example, employees who meet specific criteria are given preference when applying to be sent for training in overseas work practices under the Overseas Trainee program.

Overseas Trainee Program

We encourage our employees to achieve personal growth as global management personnel by selecting young employees for one-year training assignments at our overseas business sites. In 2016, the scope of this system was expanded to include employees working in our R&D center, the WAVE. Employees were selected for a total of 13 posts.

Global SAMURAI Academy

This program was established as an in-house university to train core management personnel at all levels from junior employees through to executives. Participants study a variety of subjects, including management skills, logical thinking, foreign languages, cross-cultural understanding, and liberal arts. There are four levels: the “Young Warrior” course for new employees through to mid-level employees, the “Samurai” course for team managers through to section managers, the “Robust Manager” course, which prepares people at the assistant manager and divisional manager levels for a future role in top management, and the “Executive” course for current management executives. In 2015, we added the “Catalyst” course, which provides leadership training for female employees. The program also includes mechanisms to support systematic, long-term personal development.

Promotion of Work-life Balance

Smart Working

The NISSIN FOODS Group is implementing the “smart working”concept as a new approach to innovation that also helps employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. We are taking steps to eliminate excessive working hours. For example, employees are encouraged to go home at the normal closing time every Wednesday, which has been designated as "noovertime day."Since 2016, overtime after 8 p.m. has been prohibited in principle, and people are also encouraged to leave work 30 minutes earlier than they usually do. A number of steps have been taken to improve the working lives of employees, including the introduction of a work-at-home system and flextime. We also encourage employees to make full use of their paid leave, which can be taken in half-day units. Since March 2017, production workers employed by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS have also been able to take their paid leave in half-day units.

Parental Support Systems

Employees are able to take parental leave until their child reaches the age of two years. We have also established support measures to help employees return to work early after taking parental leave.

In addition, we offer skill development support during parental leave, as well as advice sessions to assist employees preparing to return to work. There is also a work-at-home program, while employees with children in the third year of elementary school or younger can opt to work reduced hours. Other initiatives to create a reasonable working environment for employees with young children include a subsidy for childcare expenses incurred in emergency situations, such as when overtime work is required. We also hold seminars as opportunities to think about work-life balance from a child-raising perspective. In fiscal 2017, 40 employees opted for shorter working hours for parental reasons, and 100% of employees who took parental leave returned to work.

Global Employee Surveys

Every year, we build an accurate picture of employee attitudes to the company and their work through a self-assessment process and attitude surveys. This process gives employees the opportunity to communicate directly with the Human Resources Division about their aptitude for their current positions, and their wishes concerning redeployment or transfers. They are also able to make suggestions to the company. Employee opinions submitted through the employee attitude survey and reports on the survey results are shared with senior management and top executives in each unit. They are also converted into key performance indicators (KPIs), which are used to improve the working environment.

Initiatives for prevention of harassment

Initiatives for Prevention of Harassment

To prevent the various kinds of harassment, the NISSIN FOODS Group educates employees through videos, in-house training of managers and new employees, and maintains a strong support system to deal with it properly if it happens. To raise company-wide awareness of harassment prevention rules and procedures, we train and test all managers. We also provide country-specific training to employees being sent abroad before they depart Japan.

Health Support Room

To promote the health and peace of mind of Group employees and their families, since 2004 the NISSIN FOODS Group has operated the Health Support Room, a dedicated facility for consultation on health, medical care, nursing care, child care, and mental health. In collaboration with an industrial psychiatrists, we have developed a system that enables employees to obtain timely consultation and work to prevent illness, support return to work, and prevent recurrence of illness.

Since 2012, the NISSIN FOODS Group has offered access to the Health Support Room to part-time workers at NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS plants. We also provide regular opportunities for discussions with foreign employees and provide support for a pleasant work experience.