Implementation of Measures for Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

1. Measures to Energize General Meetings of Shareholders and Smooth Exercise of Voting Rights

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Early Notification of General Meeting of Shareholders To ensure that our shareholders are provided with time to sufficiently review information on the convocation notice, the Company now sends out the convocation notice three weeks in advance starting from the 59th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2007.
Scheduling OGMs Avoiding the Peak Day The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for June 2021 was held on June 25.
Allowing Electronic or Magnetic Exercise of Voting Rights The electronic or magnetic exercise of voting rights has been adopted since the 58th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2006.
Participation in Electronic Voting Platform and Other Efforts to Enhance the Voting Environment for Institutional Investors The Company has participated in the electronic voting platform for institutional investors operated by Investor Communications Japan Inc. (ICJ, Inc.) since June 2007.
Providing Convocation Notice in English (Translated Fully or Partially) The Company provided an English version (summary translation) of the convocation notices every year starting from the General Meeting held in June 2007. The Company has provided a full English version of the convocation notices since the General Meeting held in June 2016, by posting them on the Company’s website, the ICJ platform and other platforms.
Other The contents of the convocation notices are posted on the Company’s website one week before the notice is sent out. The English version of the convocation notices is posted on the website and also on TDnet for viewing pursuant to request from Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2. IR Activities

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Creation and Publishing of the Disclosure Policy The policy concerning the status of information disclosure is posted on the Company’s official website stated below.
Regular Briefings for Individual Investors The Company carries out company briefings for individual investors on a regular basis. In addition, in December 2020, an online company briefing was held for individual shareholders and individual investors.
Regular Briefings for Analysts and Institutional Investors The Company holds financial results meetings twice a year on the dates of announcement for the year-end financial results and the second quarter-end financial results at the Tokyo Head Office where President & Representative Director, CEO as presenter reports the results. The Company utilizes visual tools to communicate with analysts and institutional investors. Other than this, the IR Office arranges opportunities to enhance dialogue by serving as a contact point for the appropriate carrying out of interviews with analysts and institutional investors, small meetings, etc.
Regular Briefings for Overseas Investors The Company regularly provide opportunities for dialogue with the Directors for investors in Europe, the United States and Asia. For example, the Company actively participate in IR conferences for overseas investors, the Company also set up opportunities for interviews with a broad range of overseas investors.
Posting of IR Materials on Website Convocation notice of general meeting of shareholders, reporting documents attached thereto, financial statements, supplementary documents for financial results meeting, annual securities reports, quarterly reports, Integrated Report (in English), Sustainability Report, corporate governance reports, various press releases and the like are posted.
Establishment of Department and/or Manager in Charge of IR IR Office is responsible for the investor relations (phone: +81-3-3205-5027).

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Regular Briefings for Analysts and Institutional Investors Provided

3. Measures to Ensure Due Respect for Stakeholders

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Provisions to Ensure Due Respect for Stakeholders in Internal Rules, etc. They are provided in the “NISSIN FOODS Group Ethics Regulations,” which all officers and employees are obliged to comply with.
Implementation of Environmental Activities, CSR Activities, etc.

For details, please refer to the “NISSIN FOODS Group Sustainability Report” posted on the Company’s website at the following URL.
Sustainability Report

The Group Philosophy of the NISSIN FOODS Group is to be an EARTH FOOD CREATOR, contributing to society and the earth by gratifying people everywhere with pleasures and delights food can provide. The Group’s mission is not only to provide safe and delicious food to people as the pioneer of instant noodles, but also promote the development of products that solve environmental and social issues. The Group is working to realize a sustainable society and increase corporate value by establishing the “Sustainability Committee,” which is chaired by President & Representative Director, CEO. Furthermore, from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, the Group established the “Sustainability Advisory Board,” which primarily consists of external experts, positioned it as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and the Sustainability Committee, and utilized investors’ opinions and international trends in its management.
The Group is working to realize its vision and achieve sustainable growth. One theme for the medium- to long-term growth strategy is “EARTH FOOD CHALLENGE 2030,” which is the Group’s own medium- to long-term strategy concerning the environment. The Group aims to realize a sustainable society and increase corporate value by promoting environmental measures of an even higher level. More specifically, the Group works on two issues: “resources” and “climate change.” As for the resource-related issues, the Group is aiming for “earth-friendly procurement,” the “saving of earth resources” and a “waste-free earth,” has set numerical targets for them, and will take on the challenge of effectively utilizing resources through procurement with a low environmental impact and the reduction of waste.
As for the issue of climate change, the Group is aiming for “green electricity,” “green ingredients” and “green packaging,” and has established targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions. The Group will take on the challenge by supplementing the electricity used in business with renewable energy and switching to packaging and ingredients that have less of an impact on the environment. These ESG initiatives have been evaluated, and the Group was selected as one of the constituent stocks of the “World Index (DJSI World)” in the “Dow Jones Sustainability Indices,” which are global ESG investment indices. In addition, the group was selected as one of the constituent stocks of the “Asia/Pacific Index” for the fourth consecutive year.
For details concerning the Company’s initiatives, please refer to the URL below as the information has been posted on the Company’s website.

Progress on Measures for Health and Productivity Management
The Company considers one of the most important management issues is to ensure that in its business operations, all employees maintain and promote their physical and mental health and demonstrate their capabilities to the maximum extent possible based on “美健賢食 Bi-ken Ken-shoku (Eat wisely for beauty and health),” one of the elements that make up the spirit of our founder. In 2018, the Company formulated the “NISSIN FOODS Group’s Declaration of Health and Productivity Management” and worked to strategically promote health management.
The Company is supporting the health of its employees through such efforts as offering health guidance and providing consultations with an industrial physician. In addition, to promote greater awareness among employees and the practice of health conscious activities, the Company has been carrying out various initiatives, including seminars.
The Company’s efforts were evaluated and it was selected as one of the companies in the large enterprise category (White 500) of the “2021 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program” for a third consecutive year.
Promotion of Active Participation by Female Human Resources
Since 2016, the Company has been putting efforts into “promotion of active participation by female human resources” as the first step toward realizing the “promotion of diversity,” which is considered as one of the important policies in the medium-term management strategy.
The Company has been recognized for its multi-faceted efforts on female resources and in the “Nadeshiko Brands” was selected as one of the “Semi-Nadeshiko Brands” for a second consecutive year as a company that is actively implementing the promotion of active participation by female resources in 2019.
Support for Balancing Career and Child-Rearing
Since 2015, the Company has been putting efforts into the “promotion of the work style reform” and “support for balancing career and family life.” In addition to introducing a telecommuting work system that enables flexible work times, and a flex-time system without core time, the Company has been implementing various measures for employees while taking childcare leave such as education and training regarding work styles and career advancement after the return to work.
The Company has been recognized for such efforts to provide multi-faceted support for the child-rearing needs of employees, and it received “Platinum Kurumin” certification again from the Tokyo Labour Bureau as a company that provides excellent child-rearing support.