Human Resource Strategy

Human Resources to Support Our Strategies/Organizational Foundation Reform

The NISSIN FOODS Group is in constant creation of new food culture. We aim to embody the group philosophy of being an EARTH FOOD CREATOR by being an organization that creates food cultures founded in these principles and activities, continuing to grow and achieve sustainable growth while solving environmental and social issues. In our Mid- to Long-Term Growth Strategy, we have identified "Human Resources to Support Our Strategies/Organizational Foundation Reform" as a key theme, with the goal of creating an innovative organization capable of executing strategies and creating new food cultures.

As part of this, NISSIN Business Transformation (NBX) serves as our Group-wide activity theme aimed at transforming our business model itself, a vehicle for driving business structure reform. At present, we are aiming to establish a NISSIN-style job-based model, the first step along our transformation roadmap employing a backcast model to build an organization that creates food cultures.

Backcast Model to Build an Organization That Creates Food Cultures

Backcast model to Build an Organization That Creates Food Cultures Backcast model to Build an Organization That Creates Food Cultures

Improving Productivity Autonomously

Bring Visibility to Job Descriptions and Skills

We are working to bring visibility to job descriptions and employee skills and experience within each department with the goal of accelerating employee career development and boosting organizational productivity.Going forward, we plan to create and share an internal database for use in human resource development, assignment, and goal management.

Encourage Mid-Career Recruitment

With the awareness that executing our strategies requires not only cultivating our internal talent but also securing those from outside, we are working to hire human resources for global management and those with specializations who can drive innovation. We strive to acquire human resources who can make immediate contributions to our organization.


For the NISSIN FOODS Group to achieve sustainable growth, it is imperative to systematically develop hungry and highly motivated leaders who can drive teams and deliver results. Amid this, producing management talent who will lead the next generation of our business and filling the management talent pipeline are important missions that are also the lifeblood of the business.

In order to systematically develop this management talent, we established the NISSIN ACADEMY, an in-house university creating structured employee education enabling access to a wide range of knowledge and skills not easily acquired solely through on-the-job training. The NISSIN ACADEMY has a two-tiered educational structure, including an open program offering learning opportunities to anyone with the desire to grow, and a selective program. In October 2020, we launched the Management Academy program, a selective program to develop the next generation of management personnel, with 11 participants in FY3/2021 and 14 in FY3/2022.

Structure of the NISSIN ACADEMY

Structure of the NISSIN ACADEMY Structure of the NISSIN ACADEMY

Training Hours and Expenses in FY3/2022

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS employees* Domestic and Overseas group company employees
Total training hours 35,933 hours 106,299 hours
Training hours per person 16 hours 9 hours
Training expenses per person ¥52,936 ¥17,675


Diversity and Inclusion

Establishing our Human Rights Policy
In the NISSIN FOODS Group Human Rights Policy, we clearly prohibit discrimination and harassment based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, birthplace, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, and other attributes, as we strive to create a work environment where employees with diverse attributes and values can fully demonstrate their capabilities.We also strive to ensure fair and equitable treatment in hiring and in subsequent promotion and advancement.

Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

As the NISSIN FOODS Group moves ahead with challenges in new areas such as globalization and DX, we are actively hiring mid-career employees with a variety of experience, knowledge, and expertise. To enable mid-career employees to demonstrate their abilities as quickly as possible, we also offer start-up programs and support for internal networking. We intend to continue to make our organization a place facilitative of innovation through the chemical reaction of knowledge between new graduate hires and mid-career employees. In addition, we have implemented the challenge goal system, 1-on-1 meetings, and growth experience meetings (personnel review meetings) to help supervisors in the field encourage each of their subordinates' growth. In this way, we are creating a system that elicits a diverse range of individual challenges and facilitates growth realization, even in an on-the-job training setting.

About the Diversity Committee

To create a work environment with diverse employees allowed to fully demonstrate their capabilities, the Group has established a Diversity Committee, consisting of staff from the Human Resources Division and voluntary members. We are vigorously promoting measures such as networking meetings to enliven internal communication, and Employee Network Group (ENG) activities that address issues particular to certain kinds of employees, such as female employees, employees raising children, LGBTQ employees, mid-career employees, and young employees.

About the Diversity Committee

Women’s Skills Development

Toward promoting more active roles for women, the NISSIN FOODS Group establishes supportive employment systems and raises awareness within the Group. In the interest of growing the number of women in active management roles, we have also been promoting the enhancement and development of our human resources, conducting selective training programs for female leaders since FY 3/2017. Working toward this in a multifaceted way, including setting numerical targets to promote active roles for women in each department, implementing a sponsorship system in which officers themselves commit to fostering women, implementing programs for supervisors to learn how to manage in a diverse environment and for women to develop their own leadership skills, and creating networking opportunities for women to interact with other women.

In 2019, we received Platinum Kurumin certification in recognition of our various efforts to support childcare, including the creation of a comfortable work environment and support for the active roles for women.

Percentage of Female Managers
Percentage of Female Managers
Rate of Employees Taking Childcare Leave*1
Rate of Employees Taking Childcare Leave
Mid-Career Hire Ratio
Mid-Career Hire Ratio

※1 (Number of employees taking childcare leave/number of births*2) x 100% in the relevant fiscal year

※2 For males, the number of spouses who gave birth to a child.


Initiatives for the LGBTQCommunity

The NISSIN FOODS Group works to create workplaces where sexual minorities (LGBTQ) can work comfortably and all employees can fully apply their abilities and express their individuality. We also work to hold training sessions and events, as well as to create welfare programs to this same end. We believe that a proper understanding of the diverse sexuality of each employee is the first step in creating a safe working environment for everyone, and we are developing handbooks and e-learning programs to help employees deepen their understanding of LGBTQ issues. In FY 3/2022, we held a study session with outside experts and a talk session with stakeholders to discuss the state of allies (LGBTQ supporters) . These various initiatives were recognized with the highest rating of Gold in the PRIDE Index 2021, the second consecutive year.

Creating a Workplace with Job Satisfaction

Efforts to Instill the Corporate Philosophy
The NISSIN FOODS Group recognizes that sharing and instilling of our corporate philosophy is essential for creating a corporate culture in which employees work together to take on challenges. In order to instill this corporate philosophy, our Group conducts training for new employees and mid-career hires. In addition, we hold workplace meetings twice a year to discuss our corporate philosophy and our Founder’s Spirit. Furthermore, top management engage with employees in Japan and overseas six times a year, creating opportunities to communicate our corporate philosophy.


FY 3/2018 FY 3/2019 FY 3/2020 FY 3/2021 FY 3/2022
I feel a sense of job satisfaction 77% 76% 74% 78% 77%
I am satisfied with my departmental environment 69% 68% 67% 71% 69%
I am satisfied with the ease of working 51% 56% 57% 61% 58%

Scope: domestic and overseas group company employees

FY 3/2018 FY 3/2019 FY 3/2020 FY 3/2021 FY 3/2022
I want to achieve the company's vision and strategies together 79%* 86% 82% 79%* 84%

*Did not include overseas Group companies in FY 3/2018 and FY 3/2021.



The NISSIN GARAGE at the Tokyo head office was completed in March 2021 as a place for encouraging communication and creative ideas that cannot be achieved through telecommuting, amid the normalization of hybrid work between telecommuting and office work. In addition to the free address system, we regularly switch departments’ home areas to create contact points between various departments. In the meeting space, we set up a exercise bike and animal figures to add a sense of fun and encourage communication among employees.