To Our Shareholders

[Growth is the only way, no mountain top] NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Koki Ando, President & Representative Director, CEO

In 2021, we celebrated our 50th anniversary since the launch of Cup Noodle. Thanks to your support, in May of that milestone year, we managed to surpass 50 billion servings in the cumulative number of global sales of individual servings of Cup Noodle, which further strengthened our presence as a global brand. The year 2021 also marked the start of our medium- to long-term growth strategy, based on the three pillars of strengthening the cash generation capabilities of existing businesses, EARTH FOOD CHALLENGE 2030, and the pursuit of new businesses, and we can even say that the NISSIN FOODS Group has entered a new growth stage.

The key challenges for management in 2022 are: (1) Acceleration of global branding; (2) Fully fledged start of the Complete Nutrition Meal business; and (3) Promotion of EARTH FOOD CHALLENGE 2030. The Group will be proactive and resolute in its approach in realizing these goals.

Based on the mission of “Transforming the Earth into a healthy, beautiful, and happy planet by creating food,” the Group is committed to solving environmental and social issues while achieving sustainable growth.