Product Allergen Labeling

The NISSIN FOODS Group posts information on allergens contained in raw materials on its website. There are 27 raw materials identified as food allergens, including 7 specified raw materials for which labeling is mandatory under the Food Sanitation Act and 20 raw materials for which labeling is recommended, and the Group indicates all 27 items on the website. Customers can search products that contain or do not contain the 27 allergens on the Group website (in Japanese).

Allergen List Design Change

To make allergen lists easier to understand and read, NISSIN FOODS PRODUCTS is changing its packaging for all products to adopt a uniform design that indicates allergens by using white text against a colored background. NISSIN YORK has been sequentially adding a space to its packages for listing allergens contained in products (from a total of 27 allergens).

Addition of Allergen Information on the Front of Packages

Since Anpanman Ramen Assari Shoyu and Anpanman Oudon Yasashii Odashi are products for small children, NISSIN FOODS PRODUCTS has added allergen information on the front of packages to make it more clear to consumers what allergens are present.

Use of Illustrations in Allergen Labeling

NISSIN YORK has changed the allergen labeling used for the Apple Lactic Acid Bacteria (65 ml x 10) and Peach Lactic Acid Bacteria (65 ml x 10) drinks to easy-to-understand illustrations. Since these products contain few allergens, the product packages include prominent illustrations that show only the allergens in the products.

Product that contains no allergens

 NISSIN CISCO sells CISCORN BIG Plain, a product that contains no allergens.