Customer Oriented Production

Customer Response System

Opinions and comments from customers received at the customer support centers of six NISSIN FOODS Group companies (NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, MYOJO FOODS, NISSIN CISCO, and NISSIN YORK) are collected and analyzed at the NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS Customer Communication Center (CCC), and the results are promptly fed back to management and the appropriate departments. Collected customer feedback is compiled in the customer support database, named VOICE, which can be searched by all departments of any Group company. Then the feedback is applied to improve products and services, and utilized groupwide for customer satisfaction improvement.

The CCC has held the twice-monthly VOC (Voice of Customer) Meetings where the marketing, production, resourcing, and R&D units of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS summarize and share customer feedback, make improvement proposals, and confirm progress of improvements.

The CCC sorts customer opinions and comments and the call reception situation at the customer support centers by category, shares the information among Group companies, offers improvement proposals to the departments in charge, and confirms the status of improvement. In fiscal 2018, 56 of the CCC’s improvement proposals were successfully reflected in product development.

Examples of Improvements from Customer Perspectives

Publication of Country of Origin Information on the Website

In response to requests from customers who want to know where raw materials are produced, we post country of origin (COO) information for the main raw materials used in each product on the NISSIN FOODS Group website. NISSIN FOOD PRODUCT, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS include the website URL on product packaging to guide users to raw materials COO information (in Japanese).

Non-Microwaveable Versions of Products for China

Conventional NISSIN Yi-mian and NISSIN Spaghetti instant pasta products from NISSIN FOODS (CHINA) require heating in a microwave oven, and some customers commented that this is inconvenient if they do not have a microwave. Accordingly, the company launched a version of NISSIN Yi-mian prepared with hot water.

Reducing Pack Sizes for Greater Convenience

Some customers suggested that a packaging format with a smaller individual pack size would be more convenient than the conventional format of four 23-gram individual packs of fried rice crackers per package. Accordingly, BONCHI launched Kaisen Agesen Jyako Age Sen, Uni Age Sen, and Ebi Age Sen in convenient packages containing six 14-gram individual packs.

Telephone System for Improving Customer Service Quality

The customer support centers began introducing a cloud based virtual telephone reception system in February 2018. Introducing the system at all Group companies will enable the CCC to centralize management of the call reception situation and response content, which will lead to improvement in customer service quality. The CCC is also putting together a structure for handling emergency situations, so that calls can get through at any time.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

When we send a customer a report of results from an investigation in response to a criticism received at a customer support center, we include a customer questionnaire with questions to measure satisfaction with the response of the customer support center representative. We utilize the collected responses as a guideline for improving customer satisfaction.