Easy-to-Understand Typography

There are individual differences in human color perception, and text may be difficult to read due to text color, size of font, color combinations, or contrast. The NISSIN FOODS Group has adopted the Universal Design (UD) concept to ensure that label information, such as raw materials lists and preparation methods, is easy to read.

Making Packages Easy to Read by Using Blue Text against a White Background

CUP NOODLE Seafood Noodle from NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS uses the brand colors blue and orange on a white cup. However, some customers pointed out that they have trouble clearly seeing orange and yellow text against a white background. Accordingly, the company has changed to a standardized format of blue text against a white background for the CUP NOODLE brand as a whole. It has also moved the precautions printed on the package to a more prominent location.

Making Microwave Heating Time Information More Readable

Some customers pointed out that the text indicating the microwave oven heating time included in the cooking instructions on the packages of NISSIN FROZEN FOODS’ frozen pasta and udon noodles was small and hard to read. Accordingly, at the time of product renewal the company enlarged the cooking instructions and changed the “Approximate Cooking Time” information to be in large black text against a white background. It also switched to a universal design font for the text.