Compliance Promotion System

Activities of the Compliance Committee

In accordance with the NISSIN FOODS Group Compliance Regulations, a compliance manager is appointed in each main division of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS and each Group company. In principle, the Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the Executive Vice President and COO of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, meets quarterly.
Compliance Committee members share reports made to internal whistleblowing systems, trends in consultation, and examples of issues that have occurred. In addition, members also investigate measures to prevent the occurrence of problems. The compliance managers investigate and report on violations in their respective organizations. Those managers share details of reports at Committee meetings, and hold compliance study meetings as well.
The Board of Directors regularly deliberates on the system, state of implementation, and related issues of compliance, and supervises the business execution of the Compliance Committee and relevant departments.

Compliance Structure

Compliance violations in fiscal 2019 (Target: Group companies in Japan)
  • Number of violations: 3 (including violations of the Road Traffic Act)
  • Employees dismissed due to the above: 0

Compliance Education for Employees

To raise compliance awareness, the Compliance Book is distributed to all NISSIN FOODS Group company employees in Japan. The Book contains information on topics such as relationships with suppliers, information management, and sexual and other forms of harassment as well as case studies on laws, regulations, and social norms that must be observed. In addition, compliance training is conducted annually. In fiscal 2020, training to prevent power harassment using actual examples and training for directors by inviting lecturers were also conducted in fiscal 2020.
Compliance topics and information on internal whistleblowing systems are also incorporated into various training curricula including training for entry-level employees and new managers. In addition, methods for handling consultations from employees are also taught during training for new managers.
Each year, a compliance awareness survey is conducted for all Group employees in Japan. The survey includes questions on the status of compliance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics, and the results are used by the Group to determine changes in employee awareness.

Compliance Book Case Examples
  • Sexual harassment
  • Power harassment
  • Appropriate information management
  • Guidance for preventing overwork
  • Appropriate use of SNS
  • Prohibition of unpaid overtime
  • Insider trading
  • Proper accounting procedures
  • Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act and Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors
  • Collusion with business partners (prohibition of the provision or receipt of gifts or entertainment that exceed social norms)

Internal Whistleblowing Contact Points

In accordance with the Group’s internal whistleblowing regulations, an internal whistleblowing system was established that enables all current and former Group employees, including officers and advisors, to report and consult on matters such as violations of work-related laws and regulations, including bribery and corruption in general. Three internal whistleblowing contact points inside and outside the Group enable employees to easily seek consultation. Anonymous consultation is possible using any of the contact points, and disadvantageous treatment of whistleblowers is prohibited.
To inform personnel about the contacts points, all Group employees in Japan are given a Compliance Card with the contact information.

Internal Whistleblowing Contact Points
  • Contact point to the Compliance Group, Legal Affairs Department, NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS
  • Contact point to a fulltime Audit & Supervisory Board member
  • Contact point to an attorney
  • Note: Concerns can be reported in person or by telephone, e-mail, or post.
Number of reports and consultations made to the whistleblowing system
Fiscal 2019: 50 cases
Fiscal 2020: 47 cases
Whistleblowing details and examples of response in fiscal 2019
・Whistleblowing details
Power, sexual and other types of harassment
・Response measures
Of the whistleblowing cases we received, we properly implemented surveys of cases that we determined warranted looking into. Of these cases, necessary disciplinary action was taken to punish wrongdoers in cases where serious compliance violations were confirmed.