Strengthening of Information Security

Establishing an Information Security Committee

The NISSIN FOODS Group has set up the Information Security Committee, chaired by the Executive Vice President and COO of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS. The committee’s office is headed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). In addition, employees who have qualified as Registered Information Security Specialists are undertaking various activities to strengthen information security.
With regard to the management of personal information, the Group has formulated a Privacy Policy as we recognize that our customers’ personal information is important information which should be handled with appropriate care. In addition to complying with laws and regulations related to personal information and guidelines set by concerned authorities, we are also properly and safely handling the personal information of our customers.
The Board of Directors of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS discusses, as necessary, various policies and measures regarding risks and responses related to information security, makes decisions and gives directions.

Structure of Information Security Committee

Number of cases of customer information leaks
Fiscal 2021: 0