Ensuring Fair Trading

Maintaining Fair and Just Relations

The NISSIN FOODS Group’s Ethics Regulations state that all employees working in the Group shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations in the execution of their daily work, and behave in line with social ethics. In addition, together with the following items stated in the code of conduct of the ethics regulations, the Group educates employees through training and the distribution of the Compliance Book, which compiles legal compliance and social norms by case study. The Group’s Ethics Regulations stipulates that contents are regularly reviewed and revised depending on conditions.
Furthermore, we have separately established our Anti-Bribery Policy, which provides details regarding the prohibition of bribery as well as the prohibition of entertainment or gifts to public officials and others. Anti-bribery prevention measures, violations and the number of violations are reported to the Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, and the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors regularly deliberates on the system, state of implementation, and related issues in compliance including anti-bribery, and supervises the business execution of the Compliance Committee and relevant departments.

Code of conduct (excerpt)
  • Maintain fair, just, and transparent relationships with all stakeholders, including consumers, employees, business partners, and shareholders.
  • Act in a manner which avoids conflict between personal and company interests.
  • Strive to disclose corporate information and shall refrain from acts that constitute insider trading and the provision of benefits or advantages to third parties using undisclosed information.
  • Strictly manage information that constitutes trade secrets and refrain from disclosing or leaking it to outside parties whether during employment or after retirement.
  • Maintain fair and free competition; do not adopt unfair competition practices.
  • Strive to prevent corruption of all forms, including compulsion using a superior bargaining position, and bribery using a professional position.
  • Donations must be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations as well as company regulations.
Measures to instill the Anti-Bribery Policy among employees
  • Anti-corruption items listed in the Compliance Book
  • Preparing and publicizing guidelines that explain the code of conduct
  • Putting up awareness posters inside the company
  • Disseminating messages from the CEO, Vice Executive President and COO of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS
  • Providing anti-bribery training

Anti-Bribery Policy

Political donations by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS
Fiscal 2018: 5 million yen
Fiscal 2019: 5 million yen
Fiscal 2020: 6 million yen
Fiscal 2021: 5 million yen

Rejection of Unreasonable Demands from Antisocial Forces

In the course of carrying out corporate activities, the NISSIN FOODS Group has a policy of severing any relations with antisocial forces or organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society. We clearly express this policy in the code of conduct in the Group’s Ethics Regulations and thoroughly familiarize employees with it.
Also, the General Affairs Division of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS plays a key role in continuously gathering information from government bodies and outside specialized organizations, developing a system which will be able to immediately address unexpected situations.