Environmentally-Friendly Products

Use of the Biomass ECO Cup

Since 2008, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS has been using paper—a renewable resource—in tall cup-shaped containers, including CUP NOODLES containers (the ECO cup). Since December 2019, the company has started using the Biomass ECO Cup which have even less environmental impact. By using plant-derived biomass plastics to replace a portion of the petroleum-derived plastics used in the existing ECO Cups, the Biomass ECO Cups achieve a biomass level of 81%. The amount of petroleum-derived plastics used in each cup has been almost halved compared to the ECO Cups. In addition, CO2 emissions in the life cycle are reduced by approximately 16%. All containers used in the CUP NOODLEs brand are expected to be switched to the Biomass ECO Cups in fiscal 2022.

Trayless Packaging

NISSIN FROZEN FOODS does not use plastic trays in nearly any of its proprietary-brand noodle products.

Refillable Products

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS sells refillable products. By adopting packaging that is simpler than the conventional packaging used with cup-type noodle products, the amount of packaging used for containers is reduced. As of May 2020, the company sells three CUP NOODLES items, one Chicken Ramen item,.

Easy to Cook Products

NISSIN CHILLED FOODS sells products that reduce the amount of heat used or require no water during preparation including fresh ramen noodles that do not need to be boiled drained, and chilled Chinese-style noodles and udon noodles products that can be eaten simply by pouring sauce or broth over the noodles. In addition, the instructions for preparation are largely printed on the package of the Nissin Sono Manma Noodles series to promote its easy preparation method. As of May 2020, the company sells six items.

Sale of Long Shelf-Life Products

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS sells long shelf-life products. Placing an oxygen absorber in a can to remove oxygen and then suppressing moisture enables a shelf life of three years. Since the products have a long shelf life, they are suitable for use as emergency supplies. As of May 2020, the company sells two limited-quantity products.

Extending Best-Before Dates

To contribute to reducing food loss, in 2019 BONCHI extended the best-before dates of BONCHIAGE and certain other products by 30 days compared to previously. At NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, the best-before dates were extended from 15 to 20 days for some products, including the chilled Chinese-style noodles series and 3-person portion Nissin chilled Chinese-style noodles.
That said, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS and MYOJO FOODS also extended best-before dates in 2014. The best-before dates for CUP NOODLES product were also extended from five to six months and the best-before dates for bag-type instant noodles from six to eight months.

  • *In addition, the company also sells products that use environmentally-friendly palm oil and paper.

Sustainable Procurement