Communication with Stakeholders

The NISSIN FOODS Group believes in the importance of dialogue with all stakeholders who are affected by the Group’s business. The Group incorporates the views and requests that we learn through these processes into our efforts to achieve further improvement in our corporate value.


We take the initiative in seeking input from consumers as part of our efforts to make better products.

Opportunities and Means for Dialogue
  • Website
  • Customer Support Center
  • Customer questionnaire surveys
  • Events and lectures
  • Face-to-face product sales by employees
  • Tours of R&D and production facilities


We are committed to the development of good relationships with our suppliers, including fair dealing in all purchase transactions and contracts.

Opportunities and Means for Dialogue
  • Policy briefings and meetings to exchange views
  • Display booths at exhibitions
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Plant inspections
  • Tours of R&D and production facilities


In addition to the timely distribution of accurate information, we are also intent on appropriate profit return to shareholders and investors.

Opportunities and Means for Dialogue
  • IR website
  • Briefings on financial results
  • General meetings of shareholders
  • IR conference
  • Exclusive contact points for stock inquiries
  • Contact point for inquiries from institutional investors
  • Meetings specifically for investors and analysts
  • Visits to institutional investors in foreign countries
  • Contact point for inquiries from individual shareholders
  • Corporate presentations for individual shareholders

Local communities/Government

We work in close cooperation with local communities, while contributing to their sustainable development.

Opportunities and Means for Dialogue
  • Agreements on emergency supplies for local communities
  • Area exclusive products and limited edition products created with local communities
  • Sponsorship of and participation in local events
  • Participation in local community organizations
  • Tours of R&D and production facilities
  • Briefings for local residents about construction projects


NISSIN FOODS Group works with NPOs/NGOs to solve environmental and social issues.

Opportunities and Means for Dialogue
  • Opinion exchange
  • Joint workshops and seminars


NISSIN FOODS Group creates a workplace environment in which all employees can find satisfaction in their jobs and can give full scope to their abilities.

Opportunities and Means for Dialogue
  • Group intranet
  • Group in-house magazines
  • Open internal job posting system
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Employee interviews
  • Internal reporting system
  • Networking events
  • Labor-management consultations