Supporting the Healthy Growth of Children

Funding for School Meals in Developing Countries

One in three children in developing countries suffers from chronic malnutrition. NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS participate in the Red Cup campaign, donating a portion of sales of designated products to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The NISSINFOODS Group also provides funding for school meals through the Hyakufukushi Project and sponsorship of events.

Donations to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

Cumulative total from FY2013
Approximately ¥250million
  • *The designated products are NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS’ Chicken Ramen and Chicken Ramen Donburi and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS’ Nissin Chicken Ramen Kin-no-Chahan

Support for Children in Japan

One in seven children in Japan is said to live below the poverty line. The NISSIN FOODS Group supports the Fund to Support Children's Future (promoted by the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and The Welfare And Medical Service Agency) which deals with childhood poverty through supporting NPOs and other measures. The Group has donated a total of JPY 2,058,000 since fiscal 2017.
NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS has sold products printed with the Bellmark symbol since 1961. The Bellmark Campaign is an initiative of the Bellmark Educational Support Foundation in which companies and consumers join together in improving school educational facilities and materials. Each point is converted to JPY 1, and the proceeds are used to purchase necessary educational materials and equipment for schools.

Collected points (donations)

13,242,060 points
  • *The products are Chicken Ramen, Chicken Ramen Mini, Chicken Ramen Donburi, Demae Iccho, Nissin Yakisoba, Nissin Yakisoba Omori 1.5, Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O., Nissin Raoh five packs, and NISSIN-no-Ramen-yasan

Food Education

NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS has held the Chicken Ramen Oishii (Delicious) Dietary Education School program since 2008. We teach children in an easy-to-understand way how Chicken Ramen is made and what ingredients are used by enabling them to enjoyably experience the process of making instant noodles, from kneading flour and rolling noodles, to frying noodles in oil. Children can learn about the importance of nutritional balance through their experiences. In fiscal 2020, 448 parents and children participated in 20 sessions held at 10 locations (12,629 since starting in 2008).

Ando Foundation Initiatives