Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development System

Human resource development is being undertaken toward achieving the NISSIN FOODS Group’s vision “EARTH FOOD CREATOR.” In fiscal 2021, our in-house university NISSIN ACADEMY was established. It supports employees’ autonomous career development and fosters healthy internal competition. We have training that targets all employees, self-improvement programs, and selective training such as development training for management candidates and potential leaders of each department.

Training Time and Expenses for Fiscal 2021

Training Programs for All Employees

Scope: Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.)

Training by Grade

Education about the Founder’s Philosophy

To instill in employees the shared values and code of conduct of members of the NISSIN FOODS Group, training is regularly conducted to learn about the philosophy of the founder, Momofuku Ando.

Training for Graduates

Online lectures are conducted for entry-level employees about the company’s history and philosophy of the founder, the operations of each division, compliance education, business etiquette, business skills, and computer skills. In addition, after being assigned to the departments, employees also undergo job training to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the respective departments.

Second- and Third-Year Training

Training is conducted for employees in their second and third years to identify issues relating to their work duties and develop solutions to those issues as well as encourage further development. It serves as an opportunity for them to use tests that objectively analyze the basic skills of working adults to understand their own issues and develop their medium- to long-term career vision.

New Manager Training and Outdoor Training

Online group training is conducted for newly-appointed managers in their first and second years. In their first year, new managers learn management skills and basic coaching skills for drawing out their subordinates’ initiative. In their second year, they acquire basic skills for demonstrating more powerful leadership. Furthermore, outdoor training is conducted to develop sturdy managers with mental and physical toughness that can deliver results and demonstrating leadership. In fiscal 2021, 17 newly-appointed managers around 40 years old walked a distance of approximately 40 km in 10 hours.

Life-Planning Seminars

Online Seminars are conducted for employees aged in their fifties, who play key roles in their organizations, to think about their future life plans. Through these seminars, participants are given opportunities to look back on their experience, organizational roles, and personal strengths. At the same time, they are given information for career development as well as information on life and financial planning.

Support for Self-Improvement and Obtaining Qualifications

The Group offers more than 200 correspondence education courses and online English lessons for the purpose of self-improvement. We also subsidize half the tuition fees for employees who have completed those courses. In fiscal 2021, a total of 467 employees took the courses. In addition, we subsidize the cost when employees obtain advanced qualifications recognized by their companies Company. Also, conduct the TOEIC test is conducted once each year to support employees’ improvement in English and bear the full cost of the test.

Selective Training Program

Department academy

Training is conducted to develop next-generation leaders for each department. In fiscal 2021, selective training was conducted for four departments: marketing, sales, SCM, and production.

Management academy

Training dedicated to the development of management human resources is conducted. They acquire the capabilities and mindsets required of management such as through attending lessons at business schools and participating in workshops by ex-management.