Fair Evaluation

Evaluation System

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS revised our human resource system in fiscal 2021 for the further corporate and individual growth. Revisions made include the introduction of an individual goal management system, the clarification of evaluation standards, and revision of the promotion standards.

Internal Job Postings

We have instituted an open internal job posting system that enables employees to apply for positions they desire. In fiscal 2021, 46 employees were assigned to their desired positions through the job posting system.

Awards Programs

The NISSIN CREATORS AWARD commends employees who make contributions to the enhancement of the NISSIN FOODS Group’s brand value. The award targets employees who create exceptional inventions and innovations, demonstrate originality of thought, or apply innovation in processes. In fiscal 2021, awards were given out in four categories—Excellence Awards, Merit Awards, Idea Awards, Effort Awards and recipients were presented with award certificates and monetary rewards. In fiscal 2021, there were 279 applications, with 7 selected for the Excellence Awards, 13 for the Merit Awards, 18 for the Idea Awards, 50 for the Effort Awards.