Fair Evaluation

Periodic Evaluation

With the aim of conducting fair evaluation methods, employee evaluations are performed several times each year. Employees in general positions are evaluated by their immediate managers, and the responsible executive officer carefully reviews the evaluations. For managers, in addition to evaluations by immediate senior managers, multifaceted evaluations are performed by subordinates and colleagues in their divisions and by stakeholders in other divisions.

Promotion Systems

The Group actively promotes talented people regardless of age. Employees who demonstrate ability and performance, and are judged to have the qualification needed for senior positions can be promoted early so that young leaders can be developed more efficiently. We have also instituted an open internal job posting system that enables employees to apply for positions they desire. In fiscal 2020, 35 employees were assigned to their desired positions through the job posting system.

Awards Programs

The NISSIN CREATORS AWARD commends employees who make contributions to the enhancement of the NISSIN FOODS Group’s brand value. The award targets employees who create exceptional inventions and innovations, demonstrate originality of thought, or apply innovation in processes. In fiscal 2020, awards were given out in five categories—Excellence Awards, Merit Awards, Idea Awards, Effort Awards, and Small Successes Awards—and recipients were presented with award certificates and monetary rewards. Contributions to solve environmental and social issues were added to the list of evaluation categories in the Small Successes Awards, which recognize small, day-to-day initiatives and successes. In fiscal 2020, there were 346 applications, with 6 selected for the Excellence Awards, 11 for the Merit Awards, 10 for the Idea Awards, 47 for the Effort Awards, and 272 for the Small Successes Awards.

Furthermore, the Excellence in People Development Award, which recognizes employees who are passionate about developing other employees, was held in fiscal 2020 to nurture a corporate culture that develops human resources. Employees who can serve as examples of human resource development are nominated and decided through voting, with nine recipients selected from offices around Japan. The ways that these recipients usually interact with and listen to their subordinates and newer employees are introduced widely to other employees through the Group newsletter as good examples.