Improving Employees’ Health

Health and Productivity Management

The NISSIN FOODS Group believes that maintaining the good health of all employees at all times so that they can demonstrate their maximum capabilities and apply them to their work is a top-priority management issue.

The Group issued the NISSIN FOODS Group Declaration of Health and Productivity Management in August 2018 and implements various measures relating to employee health with the CEO of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS as the person with ultimate responsibility. In addition, the details of measures are regularly reported each year, such as at the Management Committee which brings together directors of Group companies.

In recognition of this series of measures, NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS was certified consecutively in 2019 , 2020 and 2021 under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
Furthermore, we advise the World Food Programme (WFP) on implementing support measures for health and productivity management.

Investments in health
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
¥105 million ¥118 million ¥146 million*
  • *Investment details:medical examinations ¥60 million, employees stress management ¥6.6 million, Presenteeism Survey ¥1.6 million

NISSIN FOODS Group Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

"Bi Ken Ken Shoku"
-Eat wisely for beauty and health-

As the originator of the instant noodles industry, it is our important mission to contribute to the health and wellness of our customers through our foods.
To achieve this, our employees must be healthy.
As Nissin Foods Group, we will position our employees’health promotion and maintenance as a key corporate challenge, creating an ideal work environment to promote, encourage, and support their health activities.

Koki Ando
President & Representative Director, CEO

Enhanced Medical Examinations

Medical examinations with tests beyond those required by law are conducted for NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS employees*1 for the early discovery and treatment of lifestyle diseases. In addition, those employees who are potential candidates for metabolic syndrome are strongly advised to undergo thorough and detailed medical examination. As a result, the reexamination rate has improved from 58.7% in fiscal 2018 to 71.6 % in fiscal 2021. We also set targets for BMI and blood pressure. To bring the percentage of employees with BMI and blood pressure within the acceptable rates*2 to 70% and 80% respectively by fiscal 2022, we have been providing health guidance and other services by industrial physicians and nurses.

Furthermore, starting from fiscal 2020, comprehensive medical examinations for NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS employees*1, which previously were limited to managers, have been expanded and made available to employees at age 45, 50, and 55 years. Employees are also actively encouraged to undergo specialized examinations. In addition, we analyze employee medical examination results and provide health guidance, consultations with an industrial physician, referrals to hospitals and other measures to employees with high health risks. For cases where employees undergo treatment while working, we provide support to maintain a balance between work and their treatment through advice from the overseeing industrial physicians and nurses according to consultation from the employee in question.

  • *1Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.)
  • *2BMI: 18.5 to 24.9; blood pressure: systole below 130 mmHg and diastole below 85 mmHg
FY2019 FY2020 FY2012 FY2022 target
Reexamination rate 70.1% 87% 71.6% 90%
Employees with BMI within acceptable range 67.5% 66.8% 66.5% 70%
Employees with blood pressure within acceptable range 76.2% 76.1% 74.8% 80%
Health guidance cases 345 591 476 -

Provision of 24-hour Consultation Service

We provide an external service for consultation on matters such as health, healthcare, nursing care, childcare, and mental health. Employees and their families can seek advice and consultation by mail or telephone 24 hours a day. In addition, since April 2018, NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS has started providing a consultation service at the Tokyo Head Office to establish a system for employees to easily consult a nurse on matters such as health, healthcare and mental health. Since May 2020, it is also possible to seek advice and consultation online.We cooperate with an industrial physician in utilizing inquiries received through the service for disease prevention, reoccurrence prevention, and assisting employees on sick leave in returning to work.

Presenteeism Survey

To understand employees’ health issues, since 2019, we conduct annual presenteeism surveys that identify causes of poor health that affect work productivity. The issues identified through the surveys are reflected in future measures so as to improve workplace productivity and to allow employees to fully apply their abilities.

Result of Presenteeism Survey*
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 target
94.1% 94.2% 95%
  • *The standard value is 94.0%. Any lower value represents reduction in the ability to carry out work and work productivity.

Measures to Prevent Telecommuting Depression

In August 2020, the Telecommuting Depression Prevention Team was established to embark on initiatives toward achieving the well-being*1 of employees as a new health and productivity management activity in the COVID-19 era. The fatigue/stress monitor MF100 (produced by Murata Manufacturing) was used to measure the balance and deviation of the autonomic nervous system of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS employees*2 working from home to obtain an understanding of employees with strong self-awareness and concern about stress and those facing unconscious stress. As a result, approximately 20% of the employees were assessed to require preventive measures. They were given books on self-care methods and the autonomic nervous system and had online interviews with the Group’s industrial health nurses.

  • *1A concept that refers to an individual or group being in a good state physically, mentally, and socially
  • *2Scope: Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.)

Raising Employee Awareness

The Group emphasizes measures for raising employee awareness.

Information dissemination

Through our intranet, we provide employees with information on health promotion and a consultation service.


Lectures are conducted regularly by industrial physicians on themes such as self-healthcare based on the results of medical examinations and quitting smoking.

  • September 2020 : Seminar on health of working women
  • January 2021 : Seminar on mental health
  • March 2021 : Seminar on stretching to prevent backaches and stiff shoulders


In the Hyakufukushi Project, programs are periodically implemented to balance health promotion of our employees with support for children afflicted by hunger and poverty*.

  • December 2017 to July 2018: “Sleep Smart, Work Smart,” Sixtieth-Year, 60 Year Sleep Project that recommended sleeping 7.5 hours each day
  • October 2018 to March 2019: NISSIN EARTH FOOD WALKER Project that encouraged employees to walk 9,000 steps each day
  • November 2020 to April 2021: NISSIN Sleeping School Project aimed at improving lifestyle habits and productivity by enhancing sleep quality and addressing lack of sleep