Fostering a Workplace with a Sense of Job Satisfaction and Self Realization

Overtime Reduction Measures and Flexible Work Arrangements

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS undertakes initiatives aimed at enhancing employee work-life balance and raising their work productivity. Since FY2018, as part of work style reform, total annual working hours per person of less than 2,000 hours was set as a target. Other programs and systems being implemented include a flex-time system with no compulsory working hours, a telecommuting program, and a half-day paid leave system.

Total annual working hours per person

Scope: Employees of those who are employed by NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.)

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
1,985 hours 1,954 hours 1,990 hours
FY2022 Targets
  • ・Total annual working hours per person of less than 2,000 hours
  • ・Overtime work of less than 20 hours per month
  • ・At least 15 days of paid leave taken each year

Support for Working from Home

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS is shifting toward a work style centered on working from home, including removing the limit on the number of days for the telecommuting program. To support working-from-home, company-designated items (such as desks, chairs, and computer monitors) were issued to employees who applied them. Furthermore, as a support measure to save utility bills which increase due to working from home, NISSIN GREEN WORK Challenge—which offers discounts for monthly electricity bills by switching to electricity derived from renewable energy—was started in November 2020.

Improvement of Office Environment

Working in a post-COVID world: Has our idea of the ideal office dynamic changed? The NISSIN FOODS Group positions offices not as places for daily work, but as places for casual collisions* which generate innovation through the coincidental encounters between employees with different values and ideas. In May 2021, a part of the Tokyo Head Office was renovated based on this concept.

  • *This refers to chancing upon ideas, where the unexpected gets noticed easily by intentionally taking the initiative to talk to people with different values and listening to them.
Examples of Measures at the New Office “NISSIN GARAGE”
  • Free address
  • Regularly switching departments’ home areas between floors to create contact points between various departments
  • Seating arrangement that can be changed to maintain social distance
  • Installation of private booths for online meetings
  • Introduction of an app that visualizes the locations of employees (* introduced across Tokyo Head Office)

Employee Attitude Survey

The attitude survey conducted for employees of Group companies in Japan and overseas includes questions on satisfaction with the company, communication within departments, the presence or absence of harassment by managers, and empathy with the company’s vision and strategies. The survey findings and collected opinions are shared with top management and department managers for use in improving working conditions and satisfaction with the company.

Results of employee attitude surveys

Employee Interview

All employees* can request for interviews with members of the HR Division to share their wishes concerning job assignments and suggestions to the company. In addition, surveys are conducted monthly for all new graduate employees up to their third year of service, and up to their second year of service for all mid-career hires employees. The survey covers aspects of job satisfaction, interpersonal relationships, and health, and individual interviews—in person or via telephone—with the HR Division are conducted based on the replies. Managers are given the opportunities to be interviewed by the management once each year to discuss the strategies and performance of their own departments as well as about human resource development. At the same time, these are good opportunities to hear about management strategies and policies directly from the management.

  • *Employees of those who are employed by NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.)

Labor-Management Relations

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS usually inform employees and labor unions at least 24 weeks prior to undertaking major business changes that may significantly impact employees. In addition, articles related to the notification period for collective bargaining as well as regarding deliberations and negotiations are clearly stated in collective agreements.

The companies stated above and the NISSIN FOODS Labor Union (union shop system) cooperate in efforts to create a better company.

In fiscal 2021, deliberations were carried out mainly for issues related to the following.

  • Pay increases and bonuses
  • Implementation and review of HR systems
  • Overtime work in FY2022
  • Agreement regarding work on days off (Article 36 Agreement)
  • Planned granting of annual paid leave in FY2022
  • Revisions of regulations due to legal revisions
  • Welfare (health checks, leave system, company housing program, subsidies for self-improvement expenses, etc.)
  • Treatment of older employees
  • Issuing the Diversity & Inclusion Promotion
  • Results of employee satisfaction surveys

As of the end of fiscal 2021, the rate of labor union membership is 88% for employees working at Group companies in Japan