Reflecting Collected Customer Feedback in Products and Services

Customer Response System

Opinions and comments from customers received at the customer support centers of six NISSIN FOODS Group companies (NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, MYOJO FOODS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, NISSIN CISCO, and NISSIN YORK) are collected and analyzed at the NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS Customer Communication Center (CCC), and information is promptly shared with management and the appropriate departments. In addition, collected customer feedback is compiled in the customer support database, named VOICE, which can be searched by all departments of any Group company for use in the improvement of products and services. The Group establishes emergency call centers and contact points to be able to receive customer feedback even during emergency situations such as accidents and disasters.

Monthly VOC (Voice of Customer) Meetings

The CCC holds monthly VOC (Voice of Customer) Meetings where the marketing, production, resourcing, and R&D units of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS meets. The CCC sorts customer opinions and comments by category, shares the information among Group companies, offers improvement proposals to the departments in charge, and monitors the status of improvement. In fiscal 2021, 35 of the CCC’s improvement proposals were actually applied to product development.

Collaboration Between Group Companies

Staff members of the CCC attend meetings related to quality improvement in response to customers organized by MYOJO FOODS, NISSIN CISCO, and NISSIN YORK, and strive for improvements across the Group by sharing issues and the measures.

Submission of Investigation Reports to Customers

Reports of results from investigations in response to comments/opinions received by customer support centers are sent to customers. When sending these reports, a customer questionnaire to measure satisfaction with the response of the customer support center representative is also included. Replies obtained are used as indices to improve the quality of customer response. The questionnaire also includes questions about intention to purchase products in the future. In fiscal 2021, more than 90% of customers replied that they wish to purchase our Group’s products again in the future.

Examples of Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

Products are improved and made better based on feedback received from customers.