Easy-to-Understand Labeling

Adoption of Universal Design

There are individual differences in human color perception, and it may be hard to read labels due to the text color, color combinations, or contrast. Therefore, the NISSIN FOODS Group has adopted the Universal Design (UD) concept to ensure that label information, such as raw materials lists and preparation methods, is easy to read in terms of position, text, and color.

Making Packages Easy to Read by Using Blue Text against a White Background

CUP NOODLES Seafood Noodle from NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS previously used the brand colors blue and orange on a white cup. However, some customers pointed out that they have trouble clearly seeing orange text against a white background. Accordingly, the company has changed to using blue text and also shifted the precautions printed on the package to a more prominent location.

Labeling Using Symbols

For products which are characterized by their spiciness or numbness, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS, MYOJO FOODS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS display spiciness and numbness levels on packaging of relevant products so that consumers are able to anticipate the degree of spiciness or numbness when buying these products.

Innovation in Label Position

NISSIN YAKISOBA U.F.O. Perori uses a tall cup with the cooking directions printed on the side of the cup. Some customers have voiced that this makes it hard to see the cooking directions while preparing. Therefore, the position of the cooking directions has been changed to the lid. The label drawing attention to scalding when draining hot water has also been changed to make it more prominent.

In addition, for NISSIN NO DONBEI Kamatamafuu Udon, which is a soupless product in a cup that comes with a lid for draining hot water, some customers have voiced that it is difficult to realize the need to drain hot water as the peel-off tab for draining hot water is on the right side of the lid. Therefore, the peel-off tab has been positioned in the front side of the lid to make it clear that this product requires hot water to be drained.

NISSIN FROZEN FOODS displays the product names on the side of the outer packaging on products in the NISSIN SPA-OH PREMIUM series to make products easier to identify inside freezers.

Change in Labels

NISSIN FROZEN FOODS changes previous labels of the attached soup. into the ones with illustration, since some customers have voiced that it is difficult to understand the precautionary statement of attached soup labels with only letters.

Other Examples of Improvements (in Japanese)