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The NISSIN FOODS Group aspires to be a Branding Corporation, which we define as a conglomerate that creates and develops market-leading brands.

The NISSIN FOODS Group transitioned to a holding company structure in 2008, when NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. instituted a corporate structure in which the holding company provides cross-organizational support to six operating companies in Japan and four overseas business regions. To realize the Group's philosophy EARTH FOOD CREATOR, we will strive always to maintain a flexible, proactive posture and resolutely face and appropriately respond to a changing business environment by implementing three strategies:

  1. strengthening of earning power in the domestic business;
  2. speeding up growth in the overseas business; and
  3. enhancement of common groupwide platform capabilities as a global company.

By continuing to draw fully on the key strengths of the NISSIN FOODS Group, our technological innovation and marketing capabilities, and cultivate and bring to fruition new value propositions through branding, we will seek to be a Branding Corporation with market-leading brands in our chosen business categories.

President Koki Ando

President, Chief Executive Officer
Koki Ando
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