Segment Results (for the Nine Months Ended December 31, 2017)

The Nissin Foods Group aspires to create and develop market-leading brands in our chosen food product categories for markets around the world.


Nissin Food Products

The sales of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. increased year on year with a rise in sales of cup-type noodles and instant rice products, despite the effects of the weak market for bag-type noodle products.

In cup-type noodles, sales of the CUP NOODLE series remained steady, including CUP NOODLE NICE, a product line featuring a rich soup that was launched in April 2017, distinguished by 50% less fat, 40% less carbohydrates, and only 178 kilocalories. The NISSIN MENSHOKUNIN series, which was renewed in August 2017, also remained strong. In bag-type noodle products, the OWAN series, which was released in September 2017 featuring the concept of “noodle soup in the amount of one Owan bowl volume suitable to serve as an extra side dish!”, contributed to an increase in sales.

In the category of instant rice products, sales of CURRY MESHI continued to do well. Meanwhile, the enhanced lineup of products that need only hot water to cook them, such as the BUKKOMI MESHI series and the NIHON MESHI series, contributed to the sales growth.

Myojo Foods

Looking at sales of MYOJO FOODS Co., Ltd, the Myojo Charumera series of bag-type noodles continue to post year-onyear growth in sales. In cup-type noodles, the Myojo Bubuka series and the Myojo Charumera Cup series remained strong. In addition, sales of the Myojo Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba series showed signs of recovery. As a result, sales of instant noodles as a whole increased year on year.

Chilled and frozen foods

At NISSIN CHILLED FOODS Co., Ltd., sales of ramen products remained steady, mainly due to the effects of the renewal of Ramenya-san, a core brand. However, sales declined overall year on year, reflecting the effects of a decrease in sales of fried noodle products due to sluggish demand and challenging market conditions.

NISSIN FROZEN FOODS Co., Ltd. saw steady sales, mainly led by pasta and ramen products with precooked ingredients.In pasta products, profit rose as the Reito NISSIN Mochitto Nama Pasta series, including Creamy Bolognese with minced beef and maitake mushroom, continued to post strong sales. As for ramen products with precooked ingredients, products such as Reito NISSIN Chuka Shirunashi Tan Tan Men and Reito NISSIN GooTa Lajao Tan Tan Men remained solid, registering an increase in sales.


The Americas

The Americas is working on creating value-added markets as well as empowering existing products to become less susceptible to the effects of price competition. In this situation, it had renewed CUP NOODLES in the U.S. and Brazil in September 2016. In addition, the release of high quality CUP NOODLES in the United States contributed to an increase in sales, and consequently, overall segment sales for the Americas grew.


In China, the instant noodle market has bottomed out in mainland China, and the market for high-end products is expanding.In this environment, the Group worked to expand its geographical sales area (the north, northeast, and southwest areas) and strengthen CUP NOODLES in China. Meanwhile, the Demae Iccho remained strong in both the Hong Kong area and mainland China. In addition, MC Marketing & Sales (Hong Kong) Limited, which became a consolidated subsidiary in the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year, contributed to the increase in sales.