NISSIN FOODS (U.S.A.) Announces Construction of New Plant

NISSIN FOODS (U.S.A.) (President and Representative Director, CEO: Michael Price, hereafter "the Company"), a subsidiary of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director, CEO: Koki Ando) is pleased to announce that the Company has decided to construct a new plant in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A. The construction starts in December 2023 and is scheduled to complete in August 2025. This is the third plant to be constructed by the Company, following the Gardena Plant in California, which started operation in 1972, and the Lancaster Plant in Pennsylvania, which started operation in 1978.

The company aims to expand the lineup of premium products by installing advanced equipment and improve production and delivery efficiency in cooperation with two existing plants.
The Nissin Foods Group ("the Group") aims to achieve further growth by targeting its overseas business ratio in core operating income*1 of approximately 45% in its Mid to Long-term Business Plan announced in May 2021.
The Company has significantly improved its profitability in recent years by working to advance the quality, brand value, and stable supply of low-price range products such as CUP NOODLES and Top Ramen, and by developing and promoting premium products such as CUP NOODLES Stir Fry and Hot & Spicy Fire Wok.
To further increase revenue, the Company will respond to active demand in the U.S. instant noodle market and increase the lineup and production capacity of premium products by installing advanced equipment in this new plant in Greenville. In addition, the Company will improve production and delivery efficiency through collaboration with the two existing plants in Gardena and Lancaster.

*1 Core operating profit = operating profit - other income and expenses as non-recurring income and expenses.

Major Products and Manufacturing Bases of NISSIN FOODS (U.S.A.)

Major Products

Manufacturing Bases

Outline of The New Plant

Name NISSIN FOODS (U.S.A) Greenville Plant (Temporary)
Location 1170 Bracken Rd, Piedmont, SC 29673
Start of Construction December 2023
Start of Operation August 2025 (Scheduled)
Type of Product Bag-type and Cup-type instant noodle products
Site Area 206,390m2 (2,221,563 sq ft)
Total Factory Floor Area 59,517m2 (640,640 sq ft)
Capital Investment Approx. 228 million USD (approx. 34.2 billion JPY*2)
*2 Calculated based on the exchange rate of End of October (150 yen / USD).