Donation of JPY6bn to Support Keio University’s Microbiome Research

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director, CEO: Koki Ando, hereinafter "Nissin") has decided to donate 6 billion yen to Keio University (President: Kohei Itoh) to fund its building of the Human Biology Microbiome Quantum Research Center's (Center Director: Kenya Honda (Professor, Keio University School of Medicine), hereinafter "Bio2Q") new research facility "Bio2Q Human Research Center (tentative name)." There is no change to Nissin's consolidated earnings forecasts for the current fiscal year.

Nissin to contribute to a society of health and longevity
by supporting the activities of WPI-Bio2Q
Located in the Shinanomachi Campus of Keio University, WPI-Bio2Q (, the only research center of a private university to be selected as a WPI (The World Premier International Research Center Initiative) center by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, strives to realize a society of health and longevity by conducting research on the interactions between the microbiome* present in the human body and organs / tissues, and developing novel treatment methods for various diseases.

Nissin, inheriting the spirit of its founder, Momofuku Ando, with its mission of "食足世平 (Peace will come to the world when there is enough food)," "食創為世 (Create foods to serve society)," "美健賢食 (Eat wisely for beauty and health)," and "食為聖職 (Food related jobs are sacred profession)," has undertaken various initiatives to realize human well-being through food. By donating funds required to build Bio2Q's new facility and supporting its advanced research, we will contribute to the realization of a society of health and longevity.

Comments from Dr. Kenya Honda, Center Director, WPI-Bio2Q

At our new research facility, we will deepen the understanding of the interactions between the microbiome and multiple organs (e.g. brain-gut, etc.). Joint research with Nissin will also enable us to explore important issues such as the relationship between the microbiome and food. We are very excited to be able to develop these new initiatives in the life sciences.

* A community of a vast number of microorganisms within a human body