Integrated Report

FY 3/2020

Updated: 2021.2.18 NEW

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    • This prologue is to help readers understand the nature of the NISSIN FOODS Group.
    • - NISSIN at a Glance
    • - NISSIN’s Strengths
    • - Performance Highlights
    • The CEO explains what the path ahead looks like for the NISSIN FOODS Group.
    • The COO addresses key actions that help realize sustainable corporate value.
    • The CFO highlights the current situation and financial strategies for achieving the NISSIN FOODS Group’s desired path.
    • This section describes the governance of the NISSIN FOODS Group.
    • This section summarizes the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020 result, and corporate information.
    • This index is a gateway for readers interested in more information on the topics mentioned in this report.
    • The key terms listed here can be found throughout this report, or on the corporate website by following the embedded link.

Regarding details of the Financial Results for the FY 3/2020, please refer to the accompanying material below.