NISSIN FOODS Group Policy on Biodiversity

The NISSIN FOODS Group strives to contribute to a nature positive economy and to create a sustainable society. As the EARTH FOOD CREATOR, the group aims to solve environmental and social issues by conducting business activities while conserving and restoring biodiversity.
This policy applies to all business activities related to the NISSIN FOODS Group, and compliance with this policy is required to suppliers and business partners of the group, or with the equivalent established by each company.

1. Biodiversity Assessment

  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will periodically measure the impact and dependence of its business activities on biodiversity, identify risks and opportunities and understand priority points that the group should address to strike a balance between the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and the group’s business activities.
  • Whenever the NISSIN FOODS Group establishes a new business site, the group will evaluate its impact on the biodiversity of the surrounding area.

2. Business Activities in Biologically Important Areas

  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will not conduct business activities in the world’s protected areas*1 and other protected areas designated by each country.*2
  • Whenever the NISSIN FOODS Group conducts business activities in a region encompassing a biologically important area, the group will formulate and implement measures according to the order of prioritization in the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, mitigate, restore, and offset) to minimize the negative impact on biodiversity.

3. Raw Material Procurement

  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will never take part in trade involving endangered species designated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES),*3 etc. and wildlife-based raw materials that are illicitly poached or trafficked.
  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will promote the procurement of raw materials produced in consideration of the biodiversity of the area where they are produced.

4. Education and Awareness-Raising

  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will promote understanding of biodiversity conservation and restoration among our directors, advisors, employees, suppliers, local residents at our business sites and raw material suppliers, and customers.

5. Partnership with Local Societies and Stakeholders

  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will promote initiatives for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity in cooperation with its supply chain partners, NGOs, professionals, researchers, government agencies, international organizations, industry associations, etc.
  • The NISSIN FOODS Group will create an environment in which human beings can live in harmony with the nature of the areas surrounding its business sites and the areas where raw materials are sourced.
  • *1The world’s protected areas are identified as UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites, Category I to IV protected areas of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), sites of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB), wetlands registered under the Ramsar Convention, and other areas.
  • *2Subject to laws and regulations of the specific country.
  • *3Signed on the 3rd of March 1973, CITES came into force in 1975. It is an international agreement regulating international trade in animals and plants designed to protect endangered species in cooperation with exporters and importers.