NISSIN FOODS Group Environmental Charter (Instituted March 1, 2008)

The NISSIN FOODS Group Environmental Charter was instituted in 2008 for the purpose of laying down fundamental principles and action guidelines concerning environmental conservation. In accordance with this environmental charter, the NISSIN FOODS Group is developing a system for promoting groupwide environmental management.

Fundamental Principles

The NISSIN FOODS Group seeks harmonious coexistence with society and strives for improvement of the global environment in accordance with the following principles.

  • 1. To contribute to advancement of the world’s food culture, we strive for product development that gives priority to people’s health and safety.
  • 2. As a good corporate citizen, we engage in corporate activities that give due consideration to environmental and resource conservation.
  • 3. We strive to disclose information to shareholders, consumers, business partners, local communities, and other stakeholders and cultivate sincere, highly transparent corporate ethics.

Action Guidelines

  • 1. Obey environment-related laws and ordinances, regulations, agreements, and applicable international standards. In overseas activities, give due consideration to environmental conservation in the countries concerned.
  • 2. Assess beforehand environmental impacts at each stage from raw materials procurement to production, distribution, consumption, and disposal and engage in environment-friendly product development.
  • 3. Give priority to human health and safety with regard to raw materials, additives, and container and packaging materials used in products.
  • 4. Strive to reduce waste and recycle and conserve resources and energy.
  • 5. Develop internal systems to promote environmental conservation and actively engage in awareness raising and education activities.
  • 6. Strive for harmonious coexistence with local communities and cooperate in external environmental conservation activities as a good corporate citizen. Also, actively support the voluntary activities of employees.