Voluntary Declaration of Consumer Orientation

Group Philosophy


The NISSIN FOODS Group explores various possibilities for food and creates dream-inspiring delicious tastes. We contribute to society and the earth by gratifying people everywhere with pleasures and delights food can provide.
The term "EARTH FOOD CREATOR" expresses our desire to contribute to the world and its people by creating food, the basis of all life. Grains grown in the soil are the starting point for all food, and the mission of the NISSIN FOODS Group is to create and continue to produce food derived from the bounty of the Earth and its precious soil.

2. Enduring Values

The Group Philosophy is built on four tenets propounded by NISSIN FOODS founder Momofuku Ando. The spirit of the founder expressed in these tenets is the foundation of the enduring value system that gives direction to the NISSIN FOODS Group.

■Peace will come to the world when there is enough food
Food is the most important pillar supporting human life. People can discuss culture, art, and ideas only when they have sufficient food. If the supply of food is disrupted, a country is bound to decline and conflict invariably occurs. The business operations of the NISSIN FOODS Group originated from this basic human principle.
■Create foods to serve society
A spirit of creativity is the most important thing of all for a company. Creativity means the power to create innovative products through new ideas and technologies. The NISSIN FOODS Group creates foods to serve society. We are creating a new food culture and providing people all over the world with happiness and inspiration.
■Eat wisely for beauty and health
The desire to satisfy hunger and the taste buds is a common human instinct. However, it is not the only role of food. Food is also important for forming strong bodies and maintaining health. Since a beautiful, healthy body is the product of a sensible diet, the NISSIN FOODS Group pursues food functionality and advocates a wise diet.
■Food related jobs are sacred profession
Food production is an occupation that supports the very essence of life. For this reason, those who work in the food industry must have a pure spirit that inspires them to serve society and contribute to human health and world peace. Working with food is a sacred profession, and it is the mission of the NISSIN FOODS Group to provide the world with safe, delicious, healthy food.

Activities Policies

Corporate Governance Assurance

The NISSIN FOODS Group regards the enhancement and strengthening of corporate governance as one of its most important management priorities and strives to realize highly objective and transparent management. To achieve this objective, the Group realizes management vitalization and transparency by appointing multiple outside directors and outside Audit & Supervisory Board members and by actively reflecting the opinions of outside experts in management.

Basic Customer Response Policy

The NISSIN FOODS Group provides safe, dependable food products in ways that bring the greatest possible benefits to our customers. We also provide highly transparent information disclosure and engage in dialogue with stakeholders on a regular basis. We work to further increase corporate value by reflecting the views and requests obtained through these practices in our business activities.

Activities to Gather and Utilize Customer Insights

The NISSIN FOODS Group is working to strengthen initiatives for crystalizing customer opinions and comments received at the Group company customer support centers and utilizing these insights in business management through centralized management of this information. We hold monthly VOC (Voice of Customer) Meetings and continuously engage in product improvement activities from the customer’s perspective.

Enhancement of Information Provision to Customers

1. Easy-to-understand product labeling for customer peace of mind
To enable customers to enjoy our products with peace of mind, we have adopted the Universal Design concept of giving consideration to readability and clarity of text and designs. We will actively disseminate information on the NISSIN FOODS Group website by publishing country of origin information for raw materials and allowing visitors to search information about allergens in products.
2. Publication of country of origin information on the website
We publish country of origin information on the NISSIN FOODS Group website for the main raw materials used in each product. NISSIN FROZEN FOODS indicates on its packages that raw materials COO and other information is posted on the website. NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS has included the website URL on its product packaging since 2015 to guide users to raw materials COO information and will continue efforts to enhance customer convenience.

Improvements and Product Development in Response to the Wishes of Customers and Society

We strive to deliver products that are not only delicious, safe, and reliable, but also adapted to customers’ lifestyles, such as environment- and health-friendly products and convenient products that save time and effort in food preparation.

1. Products for health-conscious customers
In keeping with “Eat wisely for beauty and health,” a tenet of founder Momofuku Ando, who believed that a beautiful, healthy body is the product of a sensible diet, the NISSIN FOODS Group will develop products to meet the needs of health-conscious customers, such as lower calories, reduced sodium, lower carbohydrates, and the inclusion of healthy dietary fiber and nutrients.
2. Examples of product improvements from the customer’s perspective
The Group values the opinions and comments of our customers and, on the basis of the customer feedback we receive, will engage in product development with the aim of creating products that everyone can enjoy with peace of mind. For details, please refer to the examples below.