Basic Policy on Information Security

Information handled in the course of our company activities is an important asset. In order to protect information asset from information security incidents, we are going to decide the basic policy related to information security and aim to maintain/improve information security with the recognition that appropriate management of information asset is an important business task.

1. Compliance

We comply with the laws, regulations social norms and our company rules related to information security.

2. Prevention of Information Security Incidents

Take technical measures and establish organizational system to prevent information security incidents.

3. Response to the Information Security Incident

In case of information security incidents, conduct stopgap measures and cause investigation quickly and take actions to prevent a recurrence.

4. Education and Enlightenment

Continuously educate/enlighten all executives and employees about information security to improve awareness of information security.

5. Continuous Maintenance/Improvement

Review information security measures on a regular basis to perform continuous maintenance/improvement of the measures.