Environmental policies on product development

The The NISSIN FOODS GROUP complies with environment-related laws, regulations, and agreements, and all applicable international standards. The Group has adopted the Basic Policy on Environmentally Friendly Container and Packaging Design, and also two procurement policies. The Group develops products under these policies.

Basic Policy on Environmentally Friendly Container and Packaging Design (Instituted May 2007)

1. Promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling) to help create a recycling-based society
  • 1)Reduce (reduction of waste generation): Aim to reduce container weight and volume and the number of packaging items.
  • 2)Reuse: Actively pursue development of refill products. Propose reusable containers.
  • 3)Recycle (use of recycled materials): Actively use recycled raw materials and resources. Strive to use highly recyclable materials.
2. Environmental impacts
Avoid use of materials that may have negative effects on the human body or the environment. Promote use of biomass raw materials, which have a low environmental impact.
3. Consideration of design
Give consideration to environment- and people-friendly, easy-to-understand labeling and universal design.
4. Assessment of environmental impacts
Design containers and packaging on the basis of life cycle assessment (LCA), giving consideration to environmental impacts from raw materials to disposal.

Basic Policy on Green Procurement

  • 1.We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, and agreements, and all applicable international standards.
  • 2.We will show consideration for the environment, including efforts to mitigate global warming and improve the global environment.
  • 3.We will work to reduce energy and resource consumption.
  • 4.We will strive to use materials that facilitate waste processing and disposal and reduce environmental loads.
  • 5.We will strive to use recyclable or recycled materials.
  • 6.We will develop procurement systems that enable us to ensure that our products can be enjoyed safely and with confidence.
  • 7.We will not use materials that have a negative effect on human health.

Nissin Group Policy on Sustainable Procurement

The Nissin Foods Group works to create a sustainable society by supporting the No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) requirement and promoting procurement with sustainability considerations as the EARTH FOOD CREATOR that contributes to society and the earth by gratifying people with the pleasure of eating. This policy applies to all procurement activities related to the Nissin Foods Group. Compliance with this policy or the equivalent established by each company is required in the supply chain of the Group’s business partners.

1. Food Security/Food Safety
Confidence in food safety leads to a pleasant eating experience. The Nissin Foods Group has redoubled its efforts in food safety, which the Group has considered as a top priority issue since its foundation, by procuring raw materials from the standpoint of sustainability and traceability, providing security and delicious products to consumers.
  • ・Analysis and testing of raw materials
  • ・Implementing quality assurance system and quality investigation activities
  • ・Strict observance of regulations related to products and their production
  • ・Provision of product information
  • ・Proper transportation and storage
2. Compliance with laws and regulations/Ethical acts
The Nissin Foods Group is well aware of the social responsibility of the Company and has adopted a code of ethics in which compliance with applicable laws and regulations in daily operations and actions suitable in terms of social ethics are stipulated. For procurement, the Group complies with laws and regulations in each country and builds a fair, impartial and transparent relationship with partner companies, and ensures appropriate procurement activities. In addition, the Group manages confidential information and personal information related to procurement in an appropriate manner.
  • ・Honesty of business
  • ・Prohibition of corruption, bribery and anticompetitive practices
  • ・Corporate governance system
  • ・Maintenance of confidentiality, protection of personal information
3. Earth/Environment
Environmental issues such as global warming and the depletion of water resources have a huge impact on stable food production. The NISSIN FOODS Group complies with the environmental laws and regulations of each country and supports No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE). By procuring raw materials produced in consideration of global and environmental sustainability, we contribute to the reduction of environmental impact (preventing deforestation and global warming, etc.), conserving limited resources, and maintaining the ecosystem (preventing overexploitation, conserving biodiversity, etc.). In addition, the Group strives to reuse limited resources by procuring renewable materials.
  • ・Environmental management system
  • ・Waste management (promotion of zero emission)
  • ・Efficient energy use
  • ・Green procurement
  • ・Prevention of environmental pollution
  • ・Biodiversity conservation (protection of habitats of rare, threatened or endangered species, prohibition of any illegal or inappropriate hunting, fishing or collecting activities)
  • ・Procurement of agricultural and livestock products (reduction of water consumption, maintenance of soil fertility, respect for biodiversity, limited use of agrochemicals, appropriate transportation distance)
4. Respect for human rights
The NISSIN FOODS Group has formulated a Human Rights Policy and respects international norms such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. All people are born free and are equal in terms of respect and rights. The Nissin Foods Group procures raw materials produced in consideration of human rights, working environment, and industrial health and safety, promoting the abolishment of forced labor, child labor, discrimination, and inhumane treatment, and fair business with respect for basic human rights. In addition, the Group respects the rights of indigenous and local peoples and supports Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC).
  • ・Prohibition on child labor
  • ・Prohibition on forced labor
  • ・Prohibition on discrimination
  • ・Prohibition on abuse/harassment
  • ・Securing of health and safety in work place
  • ・Appropriate management of labor conditions (employment contract, work hours, dismissal procedure)
  • ・Payment of decent wages and benefit package
  • ・Respect for employees’ freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • ・Respect for rights of indigenous people and local people
5. Co-existence with local communities
The Nissin Foods Group works to create prosperous communities through talks with stakeholders. For producers of raw materials to be able to shift to the sustainable production of resources, the Group supports the improvement in the work environment and living standard of producers, contributing to the development and economic independence of local communities. In addition, the Group strives to build favorable relationships with partner companies by strictly ensuring fair procurement/contracts.
  • ・Dialogue with society and local communities
  • ・Contribution to society and local communities
  • ・Fair competition
  • ・Encouragement of sustainable activities