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Solving Social Issues Through Complete Nutrition Technologies

We enjoy rich diets in these modern times. On the other hand, health issues have emerged such as excessive calories due to food satiety and malnutrition caused by unbalanced diet. For example, estimates say that more than 2 billion people in the world are overweight or obese, causing increased health risks. The economic loss due to obesity is estimated in excess of US$2 trillion. At the same time, hidden malnutrition is on the rise as a serious issue and presents a serious problem. Here, the body lacks necessary calories and nutrients due to improper dieting methods. We have arrived at a solution to these social issues by creating Future Foods.

Supporting NISSIN FOOD Group Sustainable Growth Strategy From a Financial Perspective

Developing Delicious Complete
Meals and Creating
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Balanced Intake of Nutrients Without Sacrificing Appearance or Taste

The NISSIN FOODS Group Delicious Complete Nutrition Meals is a meal that controls calories, salt, sugar, fat, and protein, maintaining the appearance and taste of the meal, while offering all 33 nutrients designated by the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese in well-balanced manner. In this way, consumers can maintain a good nutritional balance by simply eating what they enjoy. We are engaged in the development of these dream-like Future Foods. We have developed more than 300 foods already, including pork cutlet, napolitan, which is ketchup-based spaghetti, and beef curry. Although the concept of a Complete Nutrition Meal has existed in the past, actually creating a delicious product proved impossible, as packing in all the essential nutrients such (vitamins and minerals, etc.) resulted in bitter and harsh tastes. The NISSIN FOODS Group Delicious Complete Nutrition Meals offers so much delicious taste that it is impossible to tell the difference between our meals and ordinary meals. This has only become possible through our proprietary and cutting-edge food technologies cultivated over many years in instant noodles and other products.

For example, we make full use of (1) technologies to reduce salt while maintaining delicious taste; (2) technologies to reduce fat while maintaining delicious taste; (3) technologies to reduce calories while maintaining delicious taste; (4) technologies to mask harsh or bitter tastes; and (5) technologies to prevent nutrient loss during cooking.

The rice used for curry and rice is “resynthesized,” meaning rice that has been broken down once, after which sugars and salt have been removed and dietary fiber and other ingredients have been added. By making full use of the aforementioned technologies for reducing salt and fat, we have established a technology that allows us to freely control and reduce salt, sugar, and fat content up to roughly 50%. In fact, in a clinical trial in which approximately 40 meals were replaced with our Complete Nutrition Meal over a period of about 4 weeks, more than 80% of the participants experienced a reduction in body weight, a decrease in visceral fat area, and other results.
* Presented at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology

When consumers are not able to enjoy food due to health concerns, well-being also suffers. If we can balance the nutrition in ramen, curry, pork cutlets, and other dishes with consideration for health, we can create a world in which people can take measures against presymptomatic disease without hardship, simply by eating what they like. Our desire is to create Future Foods through a progressive growth story that stays true to our Founder's Spirit. To achieve this goal, we will offer Delicious Complete Nutrition Meals, available anytime, anyplace, through parallel development across various touchpoints: (1) Retail sales; (2) Employee cafeterias; (3) Medical institution collaborations; (4) Frailty response measures; (5) Smart cities, etc.

Finance and Accounting Division Commitment to Improving Corporate Value

Launched KANZEN MEAL Series


In May 2022, we launched the KANZEN MEAL series of products. Sales of the series exceeded 1 million servings within one month of launch. And repeat purchase rates have exceeded double digits!

We plan to invest 5% to 10% of the core operating profit of existing businesses into new businesses, aiming to achieve sales of 3 billion yen in FY 3/2023 and 10 billion yen in FY 3/2024, mainly in packaged foods. We will not only rely on the Group's internal technologies, but also incorporate external technologies and ideas actively from startup ventures and other means. Over the next three to five years, we will first develop the KANZEN MEAL product, which offers the perfect balance of 33 nutrients and deliciousness, developed using NISSIN FOODS PRODUCTS proprietary technology born through research into complete nutrition meals. As a first step, we began selling packaged foods via our online store in May 2022. We plan to roll out packaged foods to physical stores over time. In addition to our frozen foods, confectionery, beverages, and other products, we will begin offering recipes and food technology to the fast food and restaurant industry, including family restaurants, to further expand consumer touchpoints.

In May 2022, we launched the KANZEN MEAL series of products. Sales of the series exceeded 1 million servings within one month of launch. And repeat purchase rates have exceeded double digits!

Pursuing New Food Possibilities as an EARTH FOOD CREATOR

The basic stance of the NISSIN FOODS Group is to take on new and unprecedented challenges. From generation to generation, we have inherited a corporate culture of doing new things without fear of failure. Another reason behind our ability to take on challenges over a long-term time horizon is that we have the founding family with us today. Of course, the market will not acknowledge us unless we generate profits in the short term, too, but we are always thinking about how we contribute to society through food. This perspective encourages a spirit of taking on challenges. Our concept of food technology satisfies human well-being (contributing to delicious health) and planetary health (sustainability) at the same time. The NISSIN FOODS Group will continue to evolve as an EARTH FOOD CREATOR, pursuing new possibilities through food.

Finance and Accounting Division Commitment to Improving Corporate Value