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As Japan's leading comprehensive food group, the NISSIN FOODS Group develops innovative technologies on a daily basis. Our mission is to create new food cultures beyond instant noodles.

Leveraging Our Intellectual Property

As a comprehensive food group, NISSIN FOODS Group continues to create and nurture top-selling brands in each category. Our aim is to evolve into a branding corporation that boasts a collection of number-one brands. We strive to secure and enhance corporate value and satisfy the common interests of shareholders while building toward an unshakable management foundation. One of our competitive advantages is our position as a food tech company, built upon a base of processing technologies developed over the years. Underpinning these processing technologies is our intellectual property, including patents and trademarks across the entire NISSIN FOODS Group product lines. One of the three pillars of our Mid- to Long-Term Growth Strategy announced in May 2021 is to co-create Future Foods with food science. Here, we intend to make further progress by maximizing the use of our intellectual property.

Number of Patents (as of March 2023)

To deliver delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly products, we engage in basic and applied research on health and nutrition. We also develop production technologies focused on instant noodles. As a result, the group has acquired 482 patents in Japan and 746 patents overseas.

The number of overseas registered patents includes the total number of countries where product rights were granted.

Patent Map in the Instant Noodle Category

We have developed a patent map* for the portfolio of instant noodle-related patents held by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS. This map utilizes patent scores to provide a visualization of the company's assets.

Japan Domestic Instant Noodles Sector

U.S. Instant Noodles Sector

Survey conducted in 2022

Patent Result Co., Ltd. survey. The patent score is an index of the degree of attention given to a patent. The higher the patent score, the higher the patent is rated as having secured a high degree of attention in the market.

The size of the circle indicates the number of patents.

The vertical axis (Right Holder Score) aggregates the patent scores, reflecting the overall strength of the patent portfolio as the current “patent strength.” (A portfolio with a high number of high-profile patents, even with a low patent application count, will result in a high score on the vertical axis)

The horizontal axis (Highest Patent Score) extracts the highest value from the patent scores, indicating the individual strength of the most valuable patent held. (High-interest patents are indicated as high-scoring on the horizontal axis)

Representative Innovations of Our Group

Building on a foundation of food safety and security, the NISSIN FOODS Group creates cutting-edge food technologies informed by processing techniques gained over many years. By continuing to tackle the challenge of creating “Future Foods,” we forge ahead in creating new kinds of food culture.

Unparalleled Safety


Simultaneous rapid analysis of 550 agrochemicals

Nissin's Analytical Systems for Residual Agricultural Chemicals


World's first automated pretreatment process for pesticide residual testing

Food Automatic Analytical Systems for Residual Agricultural Chemicals

Innovations in Food Technology

Employing a variety of processing techniques, we are dedicated to perfecting the art of balancing nutrition with the delicious signature flavors Nissin is known for.

Rice Synthesis Technology

Technology that enables calorie control by enhancing dietary fiber while respecting the original taste of rice

Salt Reduction Technology

Through meticulous research gathering nearly 170 types of salt, we have developed a technique that enhances taste with just a small amount of salt by incorporating a blend of minerals and amino acids

Plant-Based Processing Technology

Aiming for sustainable food sourcing, we utilize plant-based ingredients to replicate the texture and flavor of meat and seafood

Nutrition Hold Production Method

A technique that locks in nutrients prone to loss during cooking while minimizing impact on taste

Cultured Meat

In collaboration with The University of Tokyo, we are conducting R&D on cultured meat, which is seen as a potential solution to future food shortages and global warming

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Optimized Nutri-Dense Meal Design

A method for combining various nutrients to design a diverse range of deliciously optimized meals

Transforming Production with Next-Generation Smart Factories

The NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS Kansai plant began operations in October 2018. The plant boasts state-of-the-art equipment and uses IoT technology to achieve automation and efficiency. The plant has automated tasks traditionally performed by hand, such as verification, inspection, and movement of raw material containers, establishing processes that do not require human intervention. This significantly reduces human error, achieving a defect rate of less than one item per million and ensuring a safer production system.

Transforming Production with Next-Generation Smart Factories

The Wellspring of Our Innovation: the WAVE

The WAVE is the NISSIN FOODS Group's technology, development, and research center, which consists of the Global Innovation Research Center and the Global Food Safety Institute. The mission of the WAVE is "to persistently innovate and craft advanced food technologies that send ripples of change across the globe." While carrying on the four principles laid out by our founder— Shoku-soku Se-hei (Peace will come to the world when there is enough food), Shoku-so I-sei (Creating foods to serve society), Bi-ken Ken-shoku (Eat wisely for beauty and health), and Shoku-i Sei-shoku (Food related jobs are sacred profession), we aim to fulfill our responsibility as a food manufacturer through continuous innovation and food safety measures.

The Wellspring of Our Innovation: the WAVE

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Plant-Based Eel
Harnessing the latest in food technology, Nissin Foods has crafted a plant-based version of grilled eel KABAYAKI without any animal-derived ingredients

Plant-Based Eel's Three-Layer Structure
Plant-Based Eel's Three-Layer Structure

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS has successfully replicated the texture, appearance, and flavor of the eel dish KABAYAKI without using any animal-derived ingredients.

The Japanese eel, a delicacy long known as a premium food, is classified as IB*1 on the list of endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Furthermore, there is a declining trend in the catch volume of glass eels for aquaculture,*2 the complete aquaculture of eels from eggs has not yet been commercially viable as the cost issue remains unresolved. By advancing the development and commercialization of this plant-based eel, we aim to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable food system.

The plant-based eel aims to mimic the texture of authentic KABAYAKI, with three distinct layers: white meat, middle, and skin. The white meat layer is made primarily from granular soy protein to reproduce a fluffy yet fibrous texture. The middle layer employs plant fats to mimic the melt-in-your-mouth feel of the fat between the eel's flesh and skin,*3 while the skin layer uses bamboo charcoal powder to replicate its unique dark color.

The unique appearance of the KABAYAKI is achieved by stuffing the three layers of batter into a special mold, steaming it, coating it with sauce, and then searing it to give it a grilled look.

  1. Species considered to be at high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future
  2. Causes of the decrease are not specified, but changes in the marine environment and deterioration of habitats have been indicated by the Fisheries Agency
  3. A patent has been registered for this method of producing eel-like food without animal-derived ingredients


Latest AI Technology: NISSIN AI-chat

In April 2023, we introduced NISSIN AI-chat, a secure, chat-based generative AI environment tailor-made for the NISSIN FOODS Group. This innovation empowers our employees to enhance work productivity and concentrate on creative endeavors. By embracing new technologies, the NISSIN FOODS Group is committed to fostering the continued growth of both our employees and the organization.

Latest AI Technology: NISSIN AI-chat