Corporate Governance

Basic Philosophy of Corporate Governance

The NISSIN FOODS GROUP promotes business to deliver safe and reliable products and maximize the interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and local communities, and considers the enhancement and strengthening of corporate governance to be one of its most important management issues. We strive to realize objective and highly transparent management.
In addition, the Group has adopted a company-with-auditors system, appointing outside directors and outside corporate auditors who monitor and supervise business execution from an independent and fair standpoint, and has introduced an executive officer system to establish a prompt business execution system.

Matters Relating to the Board of Directors

Effectiveness Evaluation

The Board of Directors plays an important role in the NISSIN FOODS Group’s quest to achieve sustainable growth and improve corporate value over the medium to long term. Each year, the effectiveness of the Board of Directors is evaluated with a view to enhancing that effectiveness.
Evaluation methods are determined through deliberation by the Management Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors. Evaluations are regularly conducted by a third party. In fiscal 2022, self-evaluations of a questionnaire format were carried out.

Training of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

In the NISSIN FOODS Group, information required for the execution of duties is provided in an appropriate and timely manner to ensure that directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members perform their management supervision and auditing functions sufficiently. To enhance deliberations within the Board of Directors, Board of Directors meeting materials are provided to outside directors and outside Audit & Supervisory Board members in advance along with explanations and related information. Outside directors and outside Audit & Supervisory Board members are also provided ongoing opportunities to learn about the operations of the Group, including through orientation on appointment and dialogue with senior executives.

Special Debriefings

Special debriefings on corporate governance and risk by outside experts are held twice a year to provide directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members information required for the execution of duties.

Director Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix (Japanese Only) [730KB]