Environmental Activities

The NISSIN FOODS Group engages in corporate activities to preserve the natural environment. In 2008, the NISSIN FOODS Group established the NISSIN FOODS Group Environmental Charter, which sets forth fundamental principles and action guidelines that promote the practice of green management. To preserve a sustainable global environment, the NISSIN FOODS Group works to reduce environmental impacts at every stage of all business activities.

Environmental Management System

The NISSIN FOODS Group has set up the Group Environmental Council, chaired by a representative director of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD., for the purpose of promoting environmental preservation. The council is developing an environmental management system for the NISSIN FOODS Group by establishing a environmental policy and discussing environmental targets and important matters concerning environmental activities. To promote environmental management throughout the NISSIN FOODS Group, in fiscal 2013 (for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013) we set up the Environmental Promotion Division within the NISSIN Global Food Safety Institute. The division inspects the status of compliance with environment-related laws and regulations and environmental activities at the NISSIN FOODS Group's plants using our independent inspection standards for environmental activities (RISEA*). RISEA inspection results are fed back to the plants, and the department verifies subsequent improvement. In fiscal 2014, the division conducted environmental inspections based on RISEA at 25 Group plants.

  • *RISEA: Abbreviation of Food Safety Research Institute's Inspection Standards for Environmental Activities

In August 2013, we held the NISSIN FOODS Group Environmental Activities Promotion Conference for the purpose of sharing information about the environment, such as the status of implementation of environmental activities. The environmental managers of Group companies gathered at the conference to exchange opinions about matters including advanced best practice examples and the response to the Law Concerning Special Measures against PCB Waste.

Environmental Management System