Human Resource Development


EARTH FOOD CREATOR is the Group philosophy of the NISSIN FOODS Group, and we aim to substantiate the philosophy by achieving sustainable growth while solving environmental and social issues as an EARTH FOOD CREATOR constantly creating new food cultures through innovation. We have established Human Resources to Support Our Strategies / Organizational Foundation Reform as an important theme in our Mid- to Long-term Growth Strategy, and we seek to create an innovative organization capable of creating new food cultures. As the first step toward becoming an EARTH FOOD CREATOR, we seek to establish a job-based model that is unique to the Group.


Training Programs for All Employees

Coverage: Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to companies such as NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS)

Education about the Founder’s Philosophy To instill in employees the shared values and code of conduct of members of the NISSIN FOODS Group, training is regularly conducted to learn about the philosophy of the founder, Momofuku Ando.
Training for Graduates Online lectures are conducted for entry-level employees about the company’s history and philosophy of the founder, the operations of each division, compliance education, business etiquette, business skills, and computer skills. In addition, after being assigned to the departments, employees also undergo job training to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the respective departments.
Second- and Third-Year Training Training is conducted for employees in their second and third years to identify issues relating to their work duties and develop solutions to those issues as well as encourage further development. It serves as an opportunity for them to use tests that objectively analyze the basic skills of working adults to understand their own issues and develop their medium- to long-term career vision.
Section Chief Management Training Group training and e-learning is conducted for newly appointed section chiefs. This program encourages the transition from a business executor to an organizational manager/supervisor, and helps employees acquire management skills.
New Manager Training and Outdoor Training Online group training is conducted for newly-appointed managers in their first and second years. In their first year, new managers learn management skills and basic coaching skills for drawing out their subordinates’ initiative. In their second year, they acquire basic skills for demonstrating more powerful leadership. Furthermore, outdoor training is conducted to develop sturdy managers with mental and physical toughness that can deliver results and demonstrating leadership.
Self-Design Seminar Online Seminars are conducted for employees aged in their fifties, who play key roles in their organizations, to think about their future life plans. Through these seminars, participants are given opportunities to look back on their experience, organizational roles, and personal strengths. At the same time, they are given information for career development as well as information on life and financial planning.

Support for Self-Improvement and Obtaining Qualifications

Online correspondence courses The Group offers more than 200 correspondence education courses and online English lessons for the purpose of self-improvement. We also subsidize half the tuition fees for employees who have completed those courses. In fiscal 2023, over 500 employees took the courses. In addition, we subsidize the cost when employees obtain advanced qualifications recognized by their companies Company. Also, conduct the TOEIC test is conducted once each year to support employees’ improvement in English and bear the full cost of the test.
English Proficiency Test (TOEIC) group test To help employees improve their English skills, the company provides an opportunity to take a group examination once a year, with all examination fees paid by the company.
Hands Up ACADEMY Hands Up ACADEMY, a training program that supports employee learning regardless of department or grade, is implemented. 73 employees applied for the program in 2022, and two-thirds of the training costs are subsidized.

Selective Training Program

Department academy Training is conducted to develop next-generation leaders for each department. In fiscal 2022, selective training was conducted for four departments: marketing, sales, SCM, and production.
Management academy Training dedicated to the development of management human resources is conducted. They acquire the capabilities and mindsets required of management such as through attending lessons at business schools and participating in workshops by ex-management.

Fair Evaluation

Evaluation System

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS revised its human resource system in fiscal 2022 for the further growth of its employees. Revisions made include the introduction of an individual goal management system*, clarification of evaluation standards, and revision of promotion standards.
In the newly introduced individual goal management system, employees set their own challenging goals that lead to their own growth while contributing toward achieving their department’s goals, and the degree of achievement of these individual goals are managed. Employees formulate goals while reconciling their details and period of achievement with their supervisors. At the end of the fiscal year, they review the degree of achievement with their supervisors.
The evaluation of non-managerial employees is determined through growth experience meetings that involve all managers from a department. These meetings are held twice each year, once in each half of the fiscal year. Managers discuss the degree of achievement of non-managerial employees’ individual goals and results within the period from several aspects to carry out fair evaluation. Besides the achievement state of individual goals, contributions to other divisions and cross-organizational activities also add to one’s evaluation.
In addition, at these meetings, employees’ strengths, issues, and development plans for further growth are also discussed. These are fed back to employees together with the details of their evaluation to help them further improve.
For managers, besides evaluation of performance and capabilities by their immediate supervisors, multifaceted evaluations are performed by subordinates and colleagues in their departments and by stakeholders in other departments to ensure fairness.
One-on-one meetings between supervisors and their subordinates are also conducted monthly as opportunities for dialogue that leads to better employee motivation and performance, spanning topics such as daily work and future career development.

  • *Coverage: Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS (including employees on temporary assignment to companies such as NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, and NISSIN FROZEN FOODS); however, employees working at plants of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS and those on temporary assignment to companies in Japan and overseas are evaluated based on goals at the team level

Internal Job Posting

We have instituted an open internal job posting system that enables employees to apply for positions they desire. In fiscal 2022, 46 employees were assigned to their desired positions through the job posting system.

Awards Programs

The NISSIN CREATORS AWARD commends employees who make contributions to the enhancement of the NISSIN FOODS Group’s brand value. The award targets employees who create exceptional inventions and innovations, demonstrate originality of thought, or apply innovation in processes. In fiscal 2021, awards were given out in four categories—Excellence Awards, Merit Awards, Idea Awards, Effort Awards and recipients were presented with award certificates and monetary rewards. In fiscal 2023, there were 470 applications, with 13 selected for the Excellence Awards, 13 for the Merit Awards, 32 for the Idea Awards, 56 for the Effort Awards.

Related Information and Data

Training Time and Expenses

Employees of NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS* Employees of Group companies in Japan and overseas
Total training time 48,519 hours 146,251 hours
Training time per person 21 hours 12 hours
Training expenses per person JPY 59,860 JPY 23,429
  • *Including employees on temporary assignment to NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, NISSIN CHILLED FOODS, NISSIN FROZEN FOODS, etc.