Social Contribution

The NISSIN FOODS Group conducts social contribution activities based on the four tenets propounded by the founder—“Peace will come to the world when there is enough food,” “Create foods to serve society,” “Eat wisely for beauty and health,” and “Food related jobs are sacred profession”—and the philosophy of EARTH FOOD CREATOR which seeks to contribute to society and the earth by gratifying people everywhere with pleasures and delights food can provide as well as keeping in mind contributing toward the targets stated in the Medium-Term Business Plan. Specifically, the Group undertakes support for children, disaster relief through products, support for activities to eradicate hunger, and the Hyakufukushi Project which will conduct 100 social contribution activities in 50 years.
Information regarding recruitment for volunteer activities within and outside the NISSIN FOODS Group is posted on the intranet as employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities.