The NISSIN FOODS Group published VALUE REPORT 2023 as an online integrated report to further strengthen communications with our stakeholders.

This report focuses on the content of the NISSIN FOODS Group Mid- to Long-term Growth Strategy, including non-financial information that will serve as the foundation for enhanced corporate value and sustainable growth. We have endeavored to provide the NISSIN FOODS Group mid- to long-term value creation story in a format that is easy to digest by our stakeholders.

In preparing this report, we referred to the International Integrated Reporting Framework of the IIRC and the Value Creation Guidance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. While making full use of design elements that express the character of NISSIN FOODS and our unique online expression, we have also worked to improve the accessibility and readability of information. This improvement includes a table of contents and search functions.

VALUE REPORT 2023 showcases topics of keen interest to our stakeholders, presenting a report that elucidates the growth potential of the NISSIN FOODS Group in an easily comprehensible manner.

It is our hope that VALUE REPORT 2023 will lead to valuable dialogue with more stakeholders.

Reporting Period

FY 3/2023 (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023)
However, certain information presented refers to periods other than that noted above.

Notation of Corporate Names

NISSIN FOODS Group or the Group: General name for NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and domestic and overseas group companies

Other Notations

Figures in this report are calculated to the thousands of yen, rounded down to the nearest hundred million yen. Therefore, detailed calculations and total amounts may not agree.

As a general rule, fiscal years in this report run from April 1, 20YY through March 31, 20YY, and may be written as FY 3/20YY, FYYY or fiscal YYYY.

Results in China (including Hong Kong) are based on the consolidation policy of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS. Disclosure may differ from that of NISSIN FOODS CO., LTD. in China (including Hong Kong) strategy and related targets, financial results forecasts are established independently by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS.

Disclaimer Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The plans, strategies, outlook, and management initiatives described in this report regarding future performance are based on assumptions and judgments derived from information available at the time of preparation. The Company does not guarantee future performance, as results may differ from these statements due to economic conditions surrounding the Company, demand and product prices, the development and sale of new products, and fluctuations in raw material prices and exchange rates.