Group Philosophy Group Philosophy



The Group Philosophy is built on four tenets propounded by NISSIN FOODS founder Momofuku Ando. The spirit of the founder expressed in these tenets is the foundation of the enduring value system that gives direction to the NISSIN FOODS Group.

Fundamental Philosophy Fundamental Philosophy
  • 食足世平Shoku-soku Se-hei

    Peace will come to the world when there is enough food

    Food is the most important pillar supporting human life.People can discuss culture, art, and ideas only when they have sufficient food. If the supply of food is disrupted, a country is bound to decline and conflict invariably occurs. The business operations of the NISSIN FOODS Group originated from this basic human principle.

  • 美健賢食Bi-ken Ken-shoku

    Eat wisely for beauty and health

    The desire to satisfy hunger and the taste buds is a common human instinct. However, it is not the only role of food.Food is also important for forming strong bodies and maintaining health. Since a beautiful, healthy body is the product of a sensible diet, the NISSIN FOODS Group pursues food functionality and advocates a wise diet.

  • 食為聖職Shoku-so I-sei

    Create foods to serve society

    A spirit of creativity is the most important thing of all for a company. Creativity means the power to create innovative products through new ideas and technologies. The NISSIN FOODS Group creates foods to serve society. We are creating new food culture and providing people all over the world with happiness and inspiration.

  • 食創為世Shoku-i Sei-shoku

    Food related jobs are sacred profession

    Food production is an occupation that supports the very essence of life. For this reason, those who work in the food industry must have a pure spirit that inspires them to serve society and contribute to human health and world peace. Working with food is a sacred profession, and it is the mission of the NISSIN FOODS Group to provide the world with safe, delicious, healthy food.