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Leveraging Our Strength as the Leading Instant Noodle Brand

Not Just Noodles! Becoming a Century Brand Company

The NISSIN FOODS Group has adopted the slogan, Breaking CUP NOODLE! Our mission is to create a brand strategy that overturns the company's conventional wisdom in fundamental ways, stimulates product brand demand, and fosters brand attachment and loyalty. By maximizing brand value, we foster a corporate culture of friendly competition with the goal of becoming a Century Brand Company.

NISSIN and CUP NOODLE consistently rank highly on domestic brand value surveys, and the brand value of our entire group is highly rated.

Marketing Attuned to Consumer Insights

Our environment is changing dramatically in terms of family structure, work styles, and the way we connect with our surroundings. The spread of COVID-19 accelerated these changes, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify consumer needs accurately through conventional marketing, which is based on segmentation by gender and age. In light of recent inflation and rising costs, coupled with an array of evolving consumer demands, we are honing in on consumer insights, deploying product development, communications, and promotional strategies tailored to each specific insight.

Marketing with CUP NOODLES

The company is promoting three key strategies: reinventing our products to stay relevant, brand expansion tailored to our target market, and intriguing incentives to make people want to buy and try our products.

  • The first, “reinventing our product to stay relevant,” addresses how we adapt to contemporary demands without compromising the essence of CUP NOODLES. For instance, we've eliminated the plastic lid seal on our packaging, a staple for over 30 years, in response to environmental concerns over waste plastic. This alone reduces 33 tons of plastic per year. And we've done it all while maintaining our sense of convenience and playfulness, adding a twist with a double tab designed as ears on the lid and a cute illustration of a cat inside for a touch of fun, joy, and comfort during mealtime.
  • The second, “brand expansion tailored to our target market,” is a holistic placement of products to meet increasingly diverse needs and places products. In addition to products geared toward a general audience, we've launched SPICY NOODLES for spice enthusiasts, CUP NOODLES of the World for women, and easy-to-eat smaller portions like our Light Series and Soup Bowl Series for budget-conscious consumers and senior demographics, respectively. For the health-conscious, we offer our High-Protein PRO and Low-Sodium PRO series. We're also rolling out new variations to attract new consumer groups.
  • The third, “intriguing incentives to make people want to buy and try our products,” is an initiative that leverages our wide range of products to encourage customers to purchase multiple products on the strength of our extensive lineup. In 2022, we initiated the "CUP NOODLES Quest Present Campaign," where customers could win unique original items, as well as introduced innovative ways to mix and match various flavors with our "CUP NOODLES Super Fusion" series. In September 2023, we launched our “CUP NOODLE Nyadle Campaign,” featuring 24 different cat illustrations inside the lid, offering yet another irresistible reason to indulge.

A Product Range to Reach a Wide Range of Consumers

A product range to reach a wide range of consumers A product range to reach a wide range of consumers

Promoting Global Marketing with the Aim of Becoming a Century Brand Company

CUP NOODLE was the world's first cup-type instant noodles. Today, CUP NOODLE is the No.1 instant noodle brand, which we have promoted as a unique brand since 1971.

Overseas, we are clarifying the value of our unique offerings with competitive advantages in each area according to market conditions and target preferences, while adhering to the core values of the brand. In these ways, we are strengthening our brand. In North and Central America, for example, our brand proposition is Innovative Premium. In South America, it is Unique and Variety, while in Europe, it is Authentic Asia. In China and the rest of Asia, we pursue Advanced Quality. As a result of aggressive product development and marketing activities under the unique value offerings defined for each of these regions, the product is now sold in 100 countries around the world. In 2021, the 50th anniversary of the brand, CUP NOODLE reached a cumulative 50 billion servings worldwide.

We will continue to deliver deliciousness and enjoyment to people around the world, aiming to become a Century Brand. We will accomplish this goal by leveraging the brand power, development capability, and marketing expertise cultivated in Japan to overseas markets. We will also meticulously formulate and implement strategies tailored to consumer characteristics and market conditions in each region.

North and Central America: Innovative Premium

CUP NOODLES STIR FRY Featured in IRI's Pacesetter Report

CUP NOODLES STIR FRY was featured in the IRI's 27th Annual “New Product Pacesetter Report.” IRI is a global firm offering innovative solutions and services to consumers, retailers, and the media. Each year, their "Pacesetter Report" highlights top-performing new products across the food, beverage, and non-food sectors. Amid growing demand for new and unique flavors, Nissin USA's CUP NOODLES STIR FRY secured a spot among the top 30 newest food and beverage products.

South America: Unique and Variety

Double Gold at the Effie Awards for NISSIN LÁMEN and NOSSO SABOR!

At the globally-renowned Effie Awards, which has celebrated marketing excellence for over 50 years, NISSIN LÁMEN and NOSSO SABOR both won gold. The Effies not only honor creativity but also sales performance, making them highly prestigious and notoriously difficult to win. This year, NISSIN LÁMEN was recognized in the "Long-term Effective" category for its continued market expansion, while NOSSO SABOR was lauded in the "Influencer" category for effectively leveraging local influencers to amplify its voice and achieve unprecedented engagement and sales.

Europe: Authentic Asia

DEMAE RAMEN Wins the "Top Brand 2022" Title from German Trade Paper

At the Supermarket Stars 2022 held in Frankfurt, Germany, our DEMAE RAMEN brand was awarded “Top Brand 2022” in the instant foods category. This accolade, organized by Germany's most authoritative food newspaper, Lebensmittel Zeitung, is based on consumer data, considering factors like new user acquisition and market share increase. The DEMAE RAMEN brand saw a 1.5% market share increase in Germany within just one year and was praised for attracting many new users. Besides our highly popular chicken flavor, the newly launched miso and Japanese curry flavors have caught significant attention as vegetarian offerings.

China/Asia: Advanced Quality

Launching a Loyalty Program with Unique QR Codes

Nissin China and Nissin Hong Kong launched a mini-program on WeChat, a platform boasting 1.2 billion active users. Users are directed from promotions using individual QR codes printed inside product lids and on other advertisements to the mini-program. Users can participate in raffles and games, accumulating points that can be exchanged for prizes. An integrated e-commerce platform also shares information about new and bundled products. The initiative is expected to employ big data, aiding in CRM management and insight analysis, which will, in turn, drive sales expansion through tailored promotions.

Building a Corporate Culture that Fosters Strong Brands

Brand Manager System: Mini-Presidents Assigned to Each Brand

To ensure comprehensive and consistent brand management, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS adopted a brand manager system in 1990. Under this system, a brand manager is responsible for all aspects of brand management, from new product development to administration. Brand managers manage budgets for product development, production, and sales promotions. They also negotiate directly with general managers of sales, technical development, materials, logistics, and other departments, and may even negotiate with food trading companies, supermarkets, and other representatives to secure sales space. The mission of this brand mini-president is to grow the brand. This brand manager system fosters a corporate culture that leads to strong brands by creating internal competition among brands to deliver more innovative products and brand promotions.

Negotiate with all departments Negotiate with all departments
Marketing Department Marketing Department

(as of October 2023)