Developing value-added products focused on consumer insights

Our environment is changing dramatically in terms of family structure, work styles, and the way we connect with our surroundings. The spread of COVID-19 accelerated these changes, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify consumer needs accurately through conventional marketing, which is based on segmentation by gender and age. We intend to respond to diversifying and complex needs by focusing on an understanding of the consumer, adopting a strategy of developing products, communications, and sales promotion methods that match insights from each consumer.


In recent years, we have seen the market for protein supplement foods grow significantly. The importance of protein as a nutrient has attracted more attention and more people consume protein for health. CUP NOODLE PRO with High-Protein & Low-Carbohydrate is Japan's first protein-fortified CUP NOODLES product. This product contains 15 grams of protein and 50% less carbohydrate, thanks to a low-carbohydrate, three-layer frying method. And CUP NOODLE PRO maintains the taste and texture typical of CUP NOODLES. The name CUP NOODLE PRO has two meanings: “Pro” meaning protein and a high-end product. We launched two products in April 2021, and in March 2022, we introduced Chili Tomato Noodle as a third flavor. Each style of this product has been selling well. The product has been well received, particularly by health-conscious customers. Sales have more than doubled compared with our annual sales plan for FY 3/2022.



As lifestyles have changed in recent years, more consumers are looking for just a little bit of luxury and entertainment in their daily lives. In response, we launched a new product on March 28, 2022. NISSIN NO SAIKYO DONBEI is aimed at consumers who want something new in their daily lives. NISSIN NO SAIKYO DONBEI KITSUNE UDON features extra-thick udon noodles that are thicker and have a chewier texture than regular DONBEI noodles. The product also features a sauce that offers a lingering kelp flavor, made from a combination of six types of dashi broth. Finally, the fluffy fried tofu is thicker than regular DONBEI noodles, producing more flavor the more it is chewed. Adding the specially blended yuzu shichimi togarashi (seven spice chili pepper) gives DONBEI a rich aroma of yuzu citrus. As with the udon product, NISSIN NO SAIKYO DONBEI KAKIAGE SOBA features newly developed noodles, soup, ingredients, and shichimi (seven spice). Thanks to the many glowing reviews of NISSIN NO SAIKYO DONBEI on social media, sales of this new product have far exceeded our expectations.


Breaking CUP NOODLE! Becoming a Century Brand Company

The NISSIN FOODS Group has adopted the slogan, Breaking CUP NOODLE! Our mission is to create a brand strategy that overturns the company's conventional wisdom in fundamental ways, stimulate product brand demand, and foster brand attachment and loyalty. By maximizing brand value, we foster a corporate culture of friendly competition with the goal of becoming a Century Brand Company. In a domestic brand value survey, NISSIN and CUP NOODLE ranked third and sixth, respectively, among the top 10 for corporate and product brands. In addition, KOIKE-YA, a consolidated subsidiary since 2020, was ranked 14. As you can see, our entire group is highly ranked for brand value.

Brand Manager System: Mini-Presidents Assigned to Each Brand

To ensure comprehensive and consistent brand management, NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS adopted a brand manager system in 1990. Under this system, a brand manager is responsible for all aspects of brand management, from new product development to administration. Brand managers manage budgets for product development, production, and sales promotions. They also negotiate directly with general managers of sales, technical development, materials, logistics, and other departments, and even may negotiate with food trading companies, supermarkets, and other representatives to secure sales space. The mission of the brand mini-president is to grow the brand. This brand manager system fosters a corporate culture that leads to strong brands by creating internal competition among brands to deliver more innovative products and brand promotions.

Negotiate with all departments Negotiate with all departments

CUP NOODLES Global Branding

CUP NOODLE was the world’s first cup-type instant noodles. Today, CUP NOODLE is the No.1 instant noodle brand, which we have promoted as a unique brand since 1971. Overseas, we are clarifying the value of our unique offerings with competitive advantages in each area according to market conditions and target preferences, while adhering to the core values of the brand. In these ways we are strengthening our brand. For example, we pursue Innovative Premium in North and Central America. In South America, we pursue Unique and Variety, with the brand proposition in Europe is Authentic Asia. As a result of aggressive product development and marketing activities under the unique value offerings defined for each of these countries, the product is now sold in 100 countries around the world. In 2021, the 50th anniversary of the brand, CUP NOODLE reached a cumulative 50 billion servings worldwide.

We will continue to deliver deliciousness and enjoyment to people around the world, aiming to become a Century Brand. We will accomplish this goal by leveraging the brand power, development capability, and marketing expertise cultivated in Japan to overseas markets. We will also meticulously formulate and implement strategies tailored to consumer characteristics and market conditions in each region.

Examples of promotion in Japan

〈Examples of promotion in Japan〉

Examples of promotions overseas

Examples of promotions overseas